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Mark Your Calendars: Arrested Development Returns May 26th At Midnight

What are you doing May 26? Shut up, doesn’t matter, cancel all your plans right now. You have new plans, and they’re awesome, because you, like any decent, right-thinking person, are going to be watching 15 new episodes of Arrested Development when they arrive on Netflix at 12:01 PDT May 26. Netflix had the decency and wisdom to bring the show back on a Sunday, which means you won’t have to feel bad about marathoning right through five and a half straight hours of new Arrested Development, because seriously, what else are you going to do on a Sunday?

There’s only one appropriate response for how we feel about this news of one of the best TV shows in recent memory, period, making its return — and with one more episode than we thought we were getting — and it is this.

And I think it’s pretty non controversial to say that there will be absolutely no excuse for turning off the TV at any point until all 15 episodes have been watched. We can agree on this, right? Right.

That doesn’t mean you have to be anti-social about it, though! Since your friends are almost certainly fans of the show, too, nearly two months of lead time means you’ve got the hours available to plan one of your better parties.

It’s going to be great. We’ll have some suggestions on how to celebrate the show’s return as the date gets closer, but for right now, just get psyched. And maybe start dipping into some old episodes, too? It’s not like there’s ever a bad time to do that.

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