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The Mary Sue’s Favorite Comments of the Week, Magikarp Sex Edition

Almost Totally Excellent

Who knew that David Goyer saying some gross stuff about She-Hulk would result in readers coming together for an epic, pun-filled conversation about Pokémon-themed sex? I am glad of all of you.

This whole Magikarp sex conversation in the comments of the Goyer She-Hulk post. Just… just trust me.

“I love how subtle the trailer was about that. ‘ABSOLUTELY UNCUT. [lingering shot of Haruka and Michiru] Like really. Really uncut. The name ‘Brad’ does not come up even once.'”—general_apathy sees what you’re doing there, subtitled original Sailor Moon release.

“I’d have started running at the burning bike. Name ONE TIME that a burning bike has been a sign of good fortune.”—Captain Z knows what’s up. In response to the first clip from new Matt Smith movie Lost River.

“So, this one time my friend asked me if I would like a cup of tea. I said yes. He made the tea. Then he pissed in it. When I was drinking my tea, he told me he’s pissed in it, and I spat my tea all over the place. My friend was all ‘LOL! That’ll teach you for drinking tea that I’ve pissed in!’ THAT’S YOU FONG! YOU ARE MY FRIEND WHO PISSED IN MY TEA!”—Kev Tomes‘ response to Dawn of Justice cinematographer Larry Fong tweeting a picture of a playing card is a work of art.

“Parents should look to minor characters for naming inspiration. Instead of Vanellope, consider naming your daughter Candlehead.”—Props to Rachel Banzhaf in the weird baby names post for coming up with what I’ll be naming my first child.

silaria renames Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice “BVSDOJ: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Department of Justice.” I’d see it. More funny reactions to the title announcement are yonder.

“Well, not ALL women think that guys don’t deserve awards for their science fiction…”— Lady Commentariat gets her snark on in response to all the 2014 Nebula Award fiction winners being women.

Sherlock fans are honestly best off just ignoring all shooting schedule talk and then embracing the joyous surprise of hearing the next season starts tomorrow.“—True, R.O.U.S., true.

DarthBetty is on board for Jupiter Ascending: “It passes my Sean Bean test. Test is ‘Does it have Sean Bean?'”

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