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Things We Saw Today: The Princess Who Saved Herself

Things We Saw Today

If Jonathan Coulton and Greg Pak‘s Kickstarter gets $7k more dollars, they’ll make a comic for kids based on Coulton’s song “The Princess Who Saved Herself,” which is about a princess who convinces all the monsters that threaten her to join her rock band, as a stretch goal. I’ll just leave a link to it here. (MTV Geek, Youtube, Kickstarter)

Amy Reeder’s got a new comic project, and you can help Kickstart it here.

  • Interesting: The bright plumage of male birds might be hormonally¬†suppressed¬†in females, which is why when some lady birds pass their fertile age, they get very colorful. (io9)
  • Star Trek Into Darkness has been moved up a day, to premiere at midnight on a Wednesday. This is not always a good thing for movies, but on the other hand, we get to find out what it means that much sooner. (The LA Times)

GTFO is a funded Kickstarter project, but as a documentary on sexism in the video games community, you might be interested in knowing it exists, anyway.

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