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First Trailer for Professor Marston and the Wonder Women Centers Women, Polyamory, and Kink

I cannot. Stop. Watching. This. Trailer. Check out the first trailer for the upcoming biopic from Annapurna Pictures, Professor Marston and the Wonder Women, which tells the story of the people behind Diana of Themyscira.

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The Umbrella Academy Is Coming to Netflix, and I Can’t Wait For This Glorious Weirdness and These Female Characters

You might know Gerard Way as a musician dude, but I will always think of him as a comic book guy. Before he was put in charge of the DC imprint, DC Young Animal, he was writing wonderfully creative and off-the-wall comics for Dark Horse like The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys and the always amazing The Umbrella Academy, which is one of my all-time faves. Netflix, who has really leaned into doing weird stuff well, is now adapting Umbrella Academy for TV. Rejoice!

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Not Even Zendaya Can Make the Original Spider-Man Theme Song Lyrics Sound Like Poetry

It takes a lot of talent to make those words sound as dramatic as Zendaya manages to do.

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This Wonder Woman Fan Comic Adds an Unexpected and Hilarious Twist

I'm having a bit of a Wonder Woman moment, and as I scour the interwebs for Wonder Woman-related content, this delightful fan comic has fast become my fave. I keep returning to it every time I need something to smile about.

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Superman: Red Son Film Being Discussed at Warner Bros. During Interesting Political Times

Mark Millar's 2003 limited series Superman: Red Son may find new life at Warner Bros, and news of these discussions is certainly popping up in interesting political times.

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Supergirl Adds Odette Annable as Series Regular in a Story Straight Out of the New 52

Now that Supergirl is firmly settled into its home at The CW, the show already has big Season 3 plans, including a version of a huge story from Supergirl's New 52 comic that will deliver next season's "Big Bad."

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Marvel Asks Us All To “Politely” Wait and See Before Judging Nazi Captain America

No, you move.

Oh hey, it turns out that Marvel Comics has heard about the massive blowback to the Psych!-Captain-America-was-always-Hydra concept and now they think we should just twiddle our thumbs and trust them. Hmmm.

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Nobody Wants Another Watchmen Adaptation, Especially Alan Moore

OK, I mean, I'm exaggerating: there are apparently a couple of Warner Bros. executives who want to keep milking the Watchmen cash cow. But you know who really, really doesn't want to see Watchmen on screen again? Its creator, Alan Moore.

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Exclusive Preview: Riverdale #2 Is a Badass Homage to The Breakfast Club

The CW's show Riverdale, a.k.a. the most delicious guilty pleasure currently on TV, has its own comic based in the same world. In the second issue, the gang goes full-on Breakfast Club. We've got the first look at the art and covers—and what Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and Josie would look like in a John Hughes movie.

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These Brilliant Comics About Anxiety Are Everything

Dave, a 23-year-old artist on Tumblr, creates comics that portray the human condition through deceptively simple lines and highly relatable animals. His work has become so popular that people are getting the drawings as tattoos.

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Holy Hell, This Atomic Blonde Trailer Looks Amazing

We've gotten emails from some of you asking why we haven't yet covered the trailer for the upcoming Charlize Theron action/spy film Atomic Blonde yet. Now that I've seen the trailer, I'm mad at myself for taking so long, as this film looks like it's totally up my alley. To paraphrase a particularly colorful TMS commenter in a recent Things We Saw Today thread, I too was made to feel "funny in my pants" while watching this restricted trailer. I totally feel you.

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All I Want Today Is This Picture of Superman Smashing Through Trump’s Wall

And it's for a good cause.

Game industry art director Mike McCain has designed a gorgeous print of Superman (an immigrant himself) absolutely decimating a barbed wire-topped wall. It can be yours, with all the proceeds going to the ACLU.

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Everything I Know About Comics I Learned From Taking This Class

Come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination.

A college seminar forever changed the way I look at art, literature, and super-powered people. My professor (who now teaches the class at Harvard) was kind enough to send me an updated syllabus. Let's DIY a comics course.

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Things We Saw Today: Her-POW! Short Films Remind Us That Women Have Always Been Heroes in Comics

The producers behind Her-POW! The New Adventures of Vintage Heroines are attempting to create three short films telling the stories of existing Golden Age heroines whose stories are now in the public domain, starting with Ghost Woman, The Woman in Red, and The Veiled Avenger. To learn more about the project, check out the video after the jump!

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Things We Saw Today: Meet the Cast of Alien: Covenant

First, we saw the whole gang from the upcoming Han Solo movie earlier today, and now we have the cast of Alien: Covenant, gathered together on their ship and looking as happy as we're sure they won't be in the film.

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Karen Berger Launches Berger Books Imprint at Dark Horse

Karen Berger, the legendary former executive editor of DC's Vertigo imprint, will oversee her own imprint at Dark Horse Comics.

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Comic: Three Things You Don’t Say to the Only Black Woman in the Office

Just don't.

Here’s a comic that shows three inappropriate comments about race I've experienced at work and how the situations could have been handled differently.

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Fox Orders a Pilot For Another X-Men TV Show and It Sounds Kinda Cool

FX's Legion might not be the only X-Men show heading toward television.

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Things We Saw Today: Queen Bey Will Be the First Woman to Headline Coachella in 10 Years

I don't know what to be more upset about: the fact that Coachella is less about the music these days and more about getting to say you "Went to Coachella," the fact that Beyoncé will be the first woman to headline Coachella in TEN YEARS when she performs at this year's festival, or the fact that Beyoncé has never played at Coachella as a solo act before. But you read that right: Queen Bey will be the first woman to headline the famed dusty bathroom desert music festival since 2007.

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Misty Knight’s Uninformed Afro Podcast Set to Give Comics’ Black Superheroines Their Due

When we talk about things like representation in comics, it's very easy to focus exclusively on what's not there. Equally important, however, is celebrating (and sometimes reminding ourselves!) of what is there and what has been there all along! Powerful black superheroines in comics are not new or news. Rather, they often don't get the coverage or conversation they deserve, despite their long, rich histories. Misty Knight's Uninformed Afro is looking to change that.

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