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An Artist Answered Our Call to Draw a Male Superhero Like Wonder Woman

In examining the cinematic variant covers put out for DC's Justice League, I had some qualms with how Wonder Woman was depicted, arguing that we'd never see a male superhero assume such a pose.

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Justice League Variant Covers Show Us Wonder Woman and The Flash in Action, but Did They Have to Draw Diana Like That?

In November, DC Comics will begin publishing cinematic variant covers attached to existing titles, in the hopes that fans will want to collect 'em all. Now they've released two featuring battle-ready Diana Prince and Barry Allen. We have some compliments and some concerns.

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You Wanted Batman? FINE. Gotham is Giving You Batman, Okay?!

I have a hate-love relationship with Gotham, in that I hated it after the pilot, but as it has leaned into what makes it, pardon the pun, bat-shit, it's become a much more enjoyable show. However, there's one complaint about it that has dogged it since the very beginning. How do you have a Batman show without Batman? Well, they're doing Batman now. You happy?

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Things We Saw Today: First Review of Marvel’s Inhumans Calls the Show “Simply Awful”

Oh, dear.

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Looks Like Ben Affleck Won’t Be the DCEU’s Movie Batman Much Longer

Batfleck no more!

Well that was over quickly. For all the furor over the "Batfleck" in the first place, it seems that Ben Affleck isn't going to be in the role of the caped crusader much longer. That probably has those who were never thrilled with the idea in the first place feeling pretty relieved, but what does it mean for the future of Batman in the DCEU?

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You Will Wish You Could Watch the Batman Movie in This Flawless Mashup Trailer

We often joke about how much we'd like to watch the many, many movies we've seen imagined by fan trailers, but this is one that we're truly disappointed isn't a real thing. It's not that we'd like the entire Batman movie franchise to be overtaken by an "it's all in his head" premise, but just one, outside of any other movie canon, would make for a nice alternate universe "what if?" departure from the straightforward takes we usually get.

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Oh My God the Funko Pop! Exclusives for SDCC Are Amazing

Hey there, are you headed to San Diego Comic Con? Could you pick me up, erm, all of these?

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Joel Schumacher Is Really, Really Sorry About Batman & Robin

Yeah, so are we.

Batman & Robin, the almost completely unwatchable movie starring George Clooney as a nippled Batman and Arnold Schwarzenegger chewing the frozen scenery, is twenty years old this month. Director Joel Schumacher would like for you to know that he feels bad about it.

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How It Should Have Ended Goes Stop Motion for The Lego Batman Movie

It's two cartoonishly ridiculous Batmen for the price of one! That price was already free, so this is quite a bargain. Yes, How It Should Have Ended has finally taken on The Lego Batman Movie, and there's a pretty good reason it's taken months for them to get to such an obvious pick: stop motion is time consuming.

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RIP: Adam West, Our Favorite Batman, Passed Away at Age 88

It's a sad day in Gotham today as one of geek culture's favorites has left us. Actor Adam West has passed away at the age of 88.

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Things We Saw Today: A New Documentary About the Creation of Batman

Hulu has posted a trailer for Batman and Bill, a new documentary about Bill Finger, the co-creator of Batman who received no recognition for his work during his lifetime.

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Review: They Don’t Call It Justice League DARK For Nothing

Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment's latest animated feature, Justice League Dark, is out on Digital HD, Blu-ray, and DVD today, and if you're interested in the supernatural side of the DC universe, or want to fall in love with Zatanna if you haven't already, this is definitely one you'll want to pick up.

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Interview: Danny Pudi and Ron Funches Geek Out Over Superheroes and Gadgets on NBC’s Powerless

My parade of roundtable interviews from the set of Powerless continues with a chat with two of the funniest men on the planet. I'm talking about the incomparable Danny Pudi, and the made-me-laugh-so-hard-when-I-saw-him-do-stand-up-that-I-had-a-headache-the-rest-of-the-night (that he does not even feel that bad about!) Ron Funches!

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Ben Affleck Seems Frustrated That People Care More About Batman Than Live By Night

I'm getting the impression that Ben Affleck is tired of people asking him about that Batman movie that he may or may not be doing.

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The Goldbergs To Pay Homage to Tim Burton’s Batman With Help From Kevin Smith

The comedy is taking on Tim Burton's Batman and they're bringing in director Kevin Smith for reinforcements.

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Ben Affleck Says His Solo Batman Film Is “Not a Set Thing”

Ben Affleck said that his solo Batman film is "not a set thing" in a recent interview.

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We Need to Talk About the Brilliance of Telltale Games’ Catwoman

From the beginning of the game, it was made clear that Catwoman/Selina’s arc was all about power. But the power she wields isn’t her sexuality or knowing Bruce’s secret, or even her clear-cut ability to kick ass. Instead, it's her agency.

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Joe Manganiello Says Ben Affleck’s The Batman Will Encompass All the Things You Love About Batman

Do you believe him?

If you're having reservations about Ben Affleck's solo Batman film, Joe Manganiello is here to assure you that everything is going to be okay.

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Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders Clip Shows Off the Best of All the Batmobiles

In my opinion, the 1960s Batmobile's sleek design (and the red and black color scheme!) trumps the overblown, increasingly bulky Batmobiles of the modern films any day! So, I was thrilled to see this clip from the new animated film, Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders, feature our heroes jumping into that car! Check it out after the jump!

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Ben Affleck Reveals Title of the New Batman Movie, The Batman

The mystery has never been more alive.

Ben Affleck has a working title for his solo Batman movie, and it looks like he's going to keep it short and sweet.

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