Things We Saw Today: Superman’s Costume Is Missing Underwear As Outerwear

Things We Saw Today
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And here is the Man of Steel (Henry Cavill), on the set of Zack Snyder‘s Man of Steel, giving us a very good look at his re-jiggered costume, which does not include the red underpants. So, what do you think? Too crotchy? Not crotchy enough? More pics at Coventry Telegraph.

Here is a Gollum wedding cake. Sure to be a hit throughout the Shire. If you want to eat Gollum. (at Neatorama)

New promotional art from The Avengers is coming out, including these pics of the good guys:

And the bad guys. Well, Loki:

(at MTV Splash Page)

DC Women Kicking Ass introduces the DCU reboot by first bidding farewell to the pre-reboot universe, in a comforting homage to Good Night Moon and Neil Gaiman.

And speaking of that reboot, no matter how you feel about it, it’s still pretty cool to see Jim Lee do the first time Batman and Superman ever met each other. (CBR)

  • Non-gamers apparently don’t know gamers as much as they thought they did: A new poll conducted by BITCOM in Germany says that while 62% of gamers play games every day, they usually don’t play for more than two hours: “Only about 4% play around three to four hours and 3% more than four hours per day.” (at Destructoid)

Neil Patrick Harris is joining a gender-flip-tastic episode of Cartoon Network‘s Adventure Time as Prince Bubblegum. MTV Geek has a preview clip:

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