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Things We Saw Today: LEGO Is Making Minifigures for Marvel’s Disney+ Shows

Give me that mini Captain Carter, please.

LEGO Marvel's Disney + characters.

LEGO is really coming for all of our wallets with a line of Marvel Studios Minifigures based on their many Disney+ shows, according to Collider. The line consists of characters from shows that have already aired, like WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and Loki, and it also consists of characters from upcoming shows like What If…?, which doesn’t premiere until August 11, 2021.

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The figures will be individually packaged in 12 mystery bags. WandaVision will have figures for the Scarlet Witch, The Vision, and Monica Rambeau, a.k.a. Spectrum. Loki will have figures for the Loki variants with Throg, a.k.a. frog Thor, and Sylvie with Alligator Loki. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will have figures for our new Captain America and Bucky Barnes, a.k.a. the Winter Soldier.

As for the What If…? Minifigures, we have Captain Carter, Gamora with the Blade of Thanos, zombie-hunter Spidey, zombie Captain America, and T’Challa as Star-Lord. The LEGO Minifigures go on sale on September 1 on Shop.Lego, and each mystery bag comes with an additional element or accessory that matches the Minifigure in question, like Alligator Loki for Sylvie and T’Challa with Star-Lord’s guns.

Check out the rest of the pictures: LEGO Marvel's Disney + characters.

LEGO Marvel's Disney + characters.

LEGO Marvel's Disney + characters.

LEGO Marvel's Disney + characters.

LEGO Marvel's Disney + characters.

Let’s check out what else we saw out on the internet today!

  • A Harvard team is on the hunt for physical evidence of aliens and their technology, and they’re led by a physicist that believes ‘Oumuamua was an alien space ship. (via Business Insider)
  • Gatekeeping when it comes to fanfiction is back at it again with the children saying it’s not okay to print out fanfic at home without realizing they never had to suffer printing out your fav fic at the library while looking like you’re doing research. (via Twitter)
  • James Gunn is teasing us with a new featurette where he explains why no one is safe in The Suicide Squad. (via Collider)

  • Paralympians will get paid the same as Olympians for the medals won during the Tokyo Olympics. (via HuffPost)
  • Everybody Hates Chris is returning to our screens in the form of an animated reboot. (via /Film)
  • A press conference by Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz was fortunately shut down by protestors. (via Twitter)

We’re one step closer to hump day! You’ve got this!

(image: LEGO)

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