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Things We Saw Today: The 2015 Nintendo World Championships Are Streaming LIVE from E3 Right Now!

Watch live video from Nintendo on

The Nintendo World Championships are live from E3 2015 RIGHT NOW. If you’re not watching, what are you even doing?

  • At their E3 presentation this year, Nintendo announced that they’re releasing four new Amiibo, featuring some classic characters. You can expect to wait in incredibly long lines for R.O.B., Duck Hunt, Mr. Game & Watch, and Falco in September. (via Polygon)
  • We all saw this coming, but some cosmetic tie-ins for Jem and the Holograms have been announced. Sephora as a makeup set coming out, Manic Panic has a semi-permanent hair dye set, and ShopBop is going to handle apparel and accessories. The trailer might be disappointing, but here’s hoping that merchandise isn’t. Mama needs some new hair color. (via The Hollywood Reporter)

As an unabashed fan of Mirror’s Edge, this video inspires an adrenaline rush like no other. There are plenty of Mirror’s Edge-inspired freerunning videos, but this one is a cut above in that it’s got some really neat effects and some eye-catching stunt choreography. (via Nerdist)

  • Images of the new WALL-E LEGO set have emerged online after a toy website posted a listing for the toy, priced at €57.99 (~$65). Look at those adorable eyes. Just look at them. (via Comic Book Resources)
  • Heist movies are cool, right? Star Wars is cool, right? So why don’t we see what happens when we add these two great tastes to see if they taste great together? Someone decided to mash together Ocean’s Eleven with Admiral Ackbar and crew in Star Wars, and it just resulted in greatness. (via Vulture)

If you need me, I’ll be watching the Nintendo World Championships. What’d y’all see today?

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