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Don’t Worry, Nintendo Fans! They Swear You’ll Like Samus-Less Metroid Once You Play It!

They have incurred the side-eye of Samus.

Metroid Prime: Federation Force is probably a decent game. No one is questioning that, and few have even had the chance to decide for themselves yet. However, for anyone at Nintendo to insinuate that fans will be totally cool with not getting a proper, Samus-starring Metroid title amid the dearth of new Nintendo wares at E3 just because Federation Force is a fun game is pretty outlandish, but that didn't stop Reggie Fils-Aime.

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Pixelthreads: The Digital Wardrobes of E3’s New Games

This year’s E3 has just passed, and that means tons of new game trailers, some previously announced, but many others not, were shown. And that also means (for me, anyway), tons more costumes to ogle/side-eye at. Here are some of the games, and their clothes, that caught my eye this year, and exactly what I think about them based on the small glimpses that we get to see in trailers.

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23 Games from E3 2015 with Badass Playable Female Characters

Keep talking and take my money.

E3 2015 was one of the best years for playable female characters in recent memory - especially after the bleak, sad stubbly white dude landscape of 2014. This year's conferences gave us lady protagonists that were not only the traditional elves and clerics, but also engineers, astronauts, tanks, and more. Here are twenty-three games straight from E3 with kick-ass women we can't wait to play.

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Sony Was Concerned About Horizon Zero Dawn’s Female Protagonist, Like That’s Not Something People Want

Get with it, Sony.

Killzone developer Guerilla Games and Sony revealed new IP Horizon Zero Dawn at E3, which—unlike so many other video games—has a woman as its protagonist. That's great, but what's less great is how nervous Sony was about introducing such an unheard of concept to their audience.

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Overgrown Toddler Plasters E3 With Posters Calling Anita Sarkeesian a ‘Freak,’ Meanwhile She’s Having the Time of Her Life

This year's E3 in Los Angeles has been full of goodies. Feminst Frequency's Anita Sarkessian is there taking in the sights and probably having way too much fun to care about one silly goose.

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No Legend of Zelda at E3: Is Nintendo Giving Up on the Wii U?

Pour one out.

"Expect the unexpected," I wrote less than an hour before Nintendo's digital E3 2015 media briefing yesterday, and what we got was certainly that: no notable new Wii U games announced—at all—and not even a glimpse of the next true Zelda installment. What in the heck happened? The obvious yet sad explanation is that this is likely the beginning of the end for the Wii U.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake, Nintendo World Championships, and All the Other Nostalgic Goodies at E3 2015

Commence all the requisite "I'm so OLD!"

Sony stole the nostalgia thunder at E3 this year by finally announcing the Final Fantasy VII remake that fans have been waiting for since approximately the dawn of time itself, but each of the big three has pulled on their share of nostalgia strings since Sunday—and Nintendo's not even done yet.

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[Updated With Replay] Watch Nintendo’s Digital E3 Show Live With Us at 12PM Eastern

Let's-a go.

Nintendo already got the drop on everyone with their Nintendo World Championships on Sunday with Super Mario Maker, Earthbound Beginnings, and new Super Smash Bros. content, so did they leave anything for today? If I had to speculate, I'd say we'll be getting a real look at the next Zelda (yes, despite Nintendo saying we won't0 as well as some Star Fox. Nintendo did a great job last year but still has a tough road ahead, so expect the unexpected

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Oracle Strikes a Pose in the Latest Batman: Arkham Knight Poster, Plus E3 Trailer

We're definitely on the edge of our seats waiting for Batman: Arkham Knight. Barbara Gordon is getting an extended role this time around thanks to a Batgirl prequel expansion (with season pass) and more work in her Oracle persona. Check out a few more posters plus an intense trailer fresh out of E3.

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[Updated With Replay] Watch Sony’s E3 2015 PlayStation Press Conference Live With Us at 9PM EDT

Looking forward to all that greatness that supposedly awaits.

Microsoft came out strong earlier today with big game lineup to show and some fancy augmented reality Minecraft, so we're pretty excited to see the games Sony will answer with—not to mention their own VR headset, Project Morpheus. The show starts right here at 9 Eastern/6 Pacific and finishes at whatever hour you all finally pass out at your keyboards while commenting below.

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Unveiled: The Walking Dead: Michonne, A Telltale Games Mini-Series

Michonne will remember that.

In a surprise announcement right before Microsoft's presentation at E3, Telltale Games announced their new addition to their The Walking Dead adventure game series: The Walking Dead: Michonne.

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Things We Saw Today: The 2015 Nintendo World Championships Are Streaming LIVE from E3 Right Now!

The Nintendo World Championships are live from E3 2015 RIGHT NOW. If you're not watching, what are you even doing?

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Check Out the Nintendo World Championship 2015 Trophy and Reminisce About The Wizard

California. Have to go to California.

In a childhood pipe dream-laden interview with Game Informer, Nintendo Treehouse's Erik Peterson revealed the rad new Nintendo World Championship trophy for this year's competition at E3 2015.

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