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Things We Saw Today: Batgirl #37 Cover Looks Even Cooler In Real Life


While the insides of Batgirl #37 left a lot to be desired for many fans, that cover sure was gorgeous—even more so in this recreation by Batgirl cosplayer Stella Chuu, who recently wowed us with a costume inspired by the sequin-bedazzled look. BRB, putting gold sparkles on everything I own.

  • Today in uncontrollable rage-filled hateclicks, conservative pundit Phyllis Schlafly has a perfect solution to solve the amount of rapes that occur on college campuses: stop letting as many women into college. Because rape never happens at all-male prisons, right? (via Salon)
  • The Guardians of the Galaxy screenplay was nominated for a Writers Guild Award! It’s just like Kevin Bacon now. (via Comic Book Resources)


From GeekTyrant, this is a Nintendo. No, really. You can play video games on an Ecto1. We live in a wonderful world sometimes.  

Huh. Looks like Princess Momonoke is going for a new look.

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