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Things We Saw Today: Who Needs Hogsmeade, Oreo May Have A Butterbeer Flavor

If these taste remotely like rootbeer I'm calling shenanigans.


Someone alerted us to these cookies via e-mail, but there’s no confirmation yet from Nabisco if this package is real or just photoshopped by someone with a Mirror of Erised. (via Imgur)

  • Finding Neverland will be coming to Broadway as a musical next March! (via The Hollywood Reporter)
  • Shark Week attributes its unprecedentedly high ratings to women aged 25-54, a demographic that CNN says increased by 18% this year. We obviously have an interest in science–if only Shark Week did too!


This is a raptor bicycle designed by Norwegian artist Markus Moestue. Clever boy. (via Geekologie)

  • There is a restaurant where guests pay for a Basil Fawlty impersonator to harass them while they dine. Truly, this is a beautiful world we live in. (via Neatorama)
  • Take a gander at Samsung’s virtual reality headset. (via The Verge)


Sailor Mercury hanging with Adam Savage in his Mercury space suit. MERCURY POWER… MEET UP! (via I’m Arting As Hard As I Can on Tumblr)

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