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Kit Harington Announced as Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare‘s Villain

Snow way.

Kit Harington, the actor who plays that character that Knows Nothing, will apparently be taking on a brand new type of role in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

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Kit Harington Is a Beautiful Doofus in New Trailer for Tennis Mockumentary 7 Days in Hell

Wimbledon is coming.

HBO's upcoming tennis mockumentary 7 Days in Hell is set to air July 11th, and features Andy Samberg and Kit Harington as a pair of hapless tennis pros, with a supporting cast of Lena Dunham, June Squibb, Serena Williams, and (not featured in the trailer) Karen Gillan.

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Kit Harington On Game of Thrones’ Spectrum Of Sexuality, Jon Snow, And Objectification

Out Magazine recently had a chat with Kit Harington, asking him about how he feels about this current season of Game of Thrones, as well as how he feels about the show's commitment to portraying diverse sexual preferences.

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Things We Saw Today: Kit Harington Gets Historical, Knows His Bastards

Kit Harington knows things. Jon Snow, on the other hand...

Kit Harington did not sleep through history class, that is for sure.

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Jon Snow Demonstrates All the Nothing He Knows in Endearing Animated Game of Thrones Shorts

What's a snow nose?

Everyone knows that Game of Thrones' Jon Snow knows nothing, but just what are the depths of that nothing? The Snow Knows series of adorable animated shorts will help you get to the bottom of it. (More after the jump.)

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Kit Harington is the Best Sport, Plays Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow at a Seth Meyers Dinner Party

Plus a guest appearance by 30 Rock's Lutz!

Ok, Kit Harington, you've proved you have a sense of humor. Now please come to a dinner party at my house, I've got Game of Thrones beer I can offer you. Bet Seth Meyers didn't do that. Pfft. And if you want to see the actual interview, we've got that for you too...

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Things We Saw Today: Pop Culture Easter Egg Art Feat. Guardians Of the Galaxy

Happy Easter, to those who celebrate! My main form of celebrating this holiday mainly involves shoveling Peeps into my mouth and watching the occasional adorable Easter video. The one above features the Guardians Of the Galaxy crew as Easter eggs.

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Game of Thrones’ Kit Harington Picks Up Where MI-5 Left Off in the First Spooks: The Greater Good Trailer

Peter Firth is back as Harry Pearce for Spooks: The Greater Good and he's brought along Jon Snow for the ride. Original Spooks/MI-5 director Bharat Nalluri helmed this big screen version set to be released May 8 in the UK.

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The Gang’s All Here! Game of Thrones Takes Over Entertainment Weekly

Arya excited yet?

Oddly enough, I'm getting definite Crimson Peak vibes from Arya's cover. Can Maisie Williams' next feature film involve gothic horror, please?

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Kit Harington Says Game of Thrones Violence Reflects Real-World Issues

You know nothing?

"People are always dying around me."

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Kit Harington is Playing a Marvel-Like Superhero Actor in a New Film With Jessica Chastain, Kathy Bates, & Susan Sarandon

Ok, but if Jon Snow was a superhero, what would his powers be? Blue Steel?

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Things We Saw Today: Little Girl Brings Joy, Dance to NYC Subway Platform

Never have I envied a subway platform before this moment.

This tiny child danced up a storm in New York City recently and inspired others to join her. Has a subway platform ever been this delightful? (via Jezebel)

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Karen Gillan and Game of Thrones‘ Kit Harington Are Going To Be In An HBO Sports Mockumentary Together

With bonus Andy Samberg!

File this under Relevant to our Interests: Amy Pond and Jon Snow are going to play childhood friends in HBO’s 7 Days In Hell. And Amy makes a sex tape with Jake Peralta from Brooklyn Nine-Nine. And Clara from Back to the Future Part III is there. It's a maaaaadhouse!

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GoT News Roundup: Arya is “Not Arya Anymore,” Jon Snow Continues To Know Nothing

Probably no hugs for either of them, either.

Season 4 is over, but Winter is always coming for Game of Thrones fans. Both Maisie Williams (Arya) and Kit Harrington (Jon now) were recently interviewed about what they think next season will bring for their characters once they start filming in July, and they're pretty sure it's going to be nothing good. Warning, spoilers for the series so far.

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Things We Saw Today: Samurai Darth Vader

The force is strong with this figure.

The world's most famous father gets Samurai'd in this rad new figure that just debuted at the Tokyo Toy Show. Chigau, omae no chichi wa washi da! (via Nerd Approved)

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Game of Thrones Showrunners Say Next Week’s Episode Is “The Best Finale We’ve Ever Done,” And More Roundup Bits

It is known

Olé! In today's Game of Thrones roundup: David Benioff and D.B. Weiss get our hopes up about the finale. Poor, poor Kit Harington. What George R.R. Martin wishes were different about the show. Pedro Pascal snags a new TV gig. And Oberyn Martell, feminist. Behind the cut you'll find spoilers for all aired episodes of Game of Thrones, but none for the finale or beyond.

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Mindy Kaling, Kit Harrington, Emma Stone, & More Read Really Mean Tweets About Themselves [VIDEO]

And That's Terrible

Doing what we do, we get the occasional bad egg directing some undignified hate our way on social media. And of course, doing what we do, we're constantly on social media so we actually see it. Celebrities are normally too busy for that sort of thing, if they even have a Twitter account at all. Jimmy Kimmel Live has been doing a running series where they get actors to read real tweets about them out loud. But not just any tweets. These are the mean kind. Watch and see if folks like Don Cheadle, Mindy Kaling, Matthew McConaughey, Kit Harrington, Emma Stone, and Gary Oldman can keep their composure. The previous installment is just under here...

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Things We Saw Today: The Firefly Cast Is Always So Happy To See One Another

Things We Saw Today

Jewel Staite Instagrammed this with the caption "Man do we ever love these reunions." Man do I ever love this cast. (Nerd Approved)

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The New Daario On Game of Thrones Discusses His Role & Jon Snow Might Know Something After All

It is known

Some of us were super bummed when we found out Ed Skrein, the actor who played Daario Naharis in Season 3 of HBO's Game of Thrones, was going to be recast for Season 4. Even more so when we realized they were giving Daario 2.0, Michiel Huisman, the same costume as Skrein, but not that same overall look. From what I've seen so far, reactions to Huisman have been mixed and while the actor has talked about the possible confusion for viewers before, he's now discussing his role in the most recent episode, "Breaker of Chains." Read on for what he had to say as well as something Jon Snow, aka Kit Harington, might actually know about the future of the series.

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Game of Thrones Interview Roundup: Female Characters, Unlikely Jokesters, and Nudity

We've a week and a half to go until season four of Game of Thrones premieres, and you know what that means: The press junket is in full force. We've combed through the bajillion cast interviews floating around to provide you with the tastiest morsels. Behind the jump: Gwendoline Christie on Brienne and femininity, Sophie Turner on Game of Thrones's female characters, Kit Harginton and Jon Snow chiming in on the show's nudity, and more.

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