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Send Us Your Questions For Our Friend Bill Nye and You Could Have It Answered on StarTalk Live at SXSW!

How do you make science?

Our Friend Bill Nye with our Senior Editor Glen Ticke

Our Friend Bill Nye with our Senior Editor Glen Ticke

We’ll be at SXSW this year for the GE/Quirky/StarTalk Live mashup known as The Night of Invention this Saturday March 8th, and it’s going to be great! Our Friend Bill Nye is hosting, and we’re taking questions from readers for the show’s Q&A portion. Here’s how to have your question asked and answered live on the show.

How it works:

1. Think of a question for Our Friend Bill Nye.

2. Post your question on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #OurFriendBillNye.

3. We’ll pick the best question on the theme of Invention and ask it to Our Friend Bill Nye on your behalf live on the show.

4. Watch the livestream of The Night of Invention event right here on Geekosystem Saturday March 8th at 7:00PM ET and see if your question was picked.

5. Learn something from Our Friend Bill Nye’s answer.

We’ll also be asking Bill and the other panelists like Eugene Mirman and Quirky founder Ben Kaufman a few reader-submitted questions backstage at the event and posting their responses in the days after The Night of Invention. So even if your question doesn’t make it on the show, you might still get an answer here on the site.

If you happen to be at SXSW you can come to the show at the Vulcan Gas Company in Austin FOR FREE because we love you. Just go to The Night of Invention Eventbrite page and RSVP.

(via The Night of Invention, image via Steph Rath-Tickle)

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