Things We Saw Today: A Potato Tribute to Wonder Woman

Things We Saw Today
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Kitchen Overlord calls this variant of the French dish Potatoes Anna “Potatoes Diana.” We approve. (Geekosystem)

  • New York Comic Con’s “Minorities in Fandom” panel is now you YouTube! Watch it over yonder.
  • Gravity remained aloft at the box office, taking the number one spot for the third weekend in a row. (Reuters)

Team Gold Force 4, a free comic available at Challenger Comics, asks the question: “What if TV’s The Golden Girls were actually living in old-folks witness protection, with decades of super secret government assassinations behind them?” If the synopsis and sample image intrigues you, you can read the rest here.

  • Tribeca Film has an interview with Kill Your Darlings cinematographer Reed Morano about why there are so few females in her line of work.
  • Amanda Plummer is set to guest star on season two of Hannibal. (The Wrap)

History. Star Wars. Puns. This shirt by Gimmick Tees is everything I want in life.

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