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Things We Saw Today: A Celtic Supergirl

Things We Saw Today

Artist Steve Howard took part in CBR’s latest The Line It Is Drawn where users were asked to place superheroes in different eras. Check out the site for a Puritan Green Lantern, the Avengers of Imperial China and more. And read ahead to take a gander at what else we saw today. 

  • Our sister site Geekosystem wrote an interesting piece about how the Supreme Court ruled yesterday that Congress has the authority to remove works from the public domain. This deserved further study.
  • The CW has picked up three new pilots:  Green Arrow, the Sex and the City prequel The Carrie Diaries and a remake of the 80s series Beauty and the Beast.(via The Hollywood Reporter)
  • A few days ago we showed you DC Comics’ brand new, black and white logo. Well, they’ve revealed a slew of new variations coinciding with their brand and how they’ll be used on books and digitally. Check them out on Comics Beat as well as additional shots on DC’s Source Blog. And yes, Catwoman gets her own whip-tied logo.

The perfect gift for your Star Wars sweetheart this Valentine’s Day – a box of Darth Vader chocolates, emblazoned with rhinstones. Available at Target. (via Katie Cook)

  • Remember that little girl who’s stage mom wouldn’t let her be in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises because she would have had to shave her head for the role? Joey King has taken her place and says for certain who she will be playing. (spoiler at Blastr)
  • An interesting piece at Comics Alliance titled The Myth of Sexy Superman and the Search For Superhero Beefcake.
  • The Bone comic movie adaptation now has a writer in ABC Family’s Greek, Patrick Sean Smith which P.J. Hogan will be directing. (The Hollywood Reporter)

A Skyrim Stormcloak Crest necklace. I’d wear it and I haven’t even played the game. $45. (via Fashionably Geek)

  • Police in Lake Oswego, Oregon have a motto “no call is too small.” They had the pleasure of calmly telling an 11-year-old boy who called complaining that his mother took his PlayStation 3 away until he practiced piano that yes, indeed she was allowed to do that and no, they would not be coming to his house. (via Kotaku)
  • Wizards of the Coast recently announced a forthcoming version of Dungeons & Dragons (that they are asking for fan input for) but they just announced they will soon be offering reprints of the first edition rulebooks, the profits of which will go toward an effort to erect a memorial statue to D&D co-creator Gary Gygax in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. They will only be sold through hobby retailers. (via Nerdvana)
  • “A plan to make the physical requirements more difficult for aspiring female US Marines by requiring full pull-ups has been postponed indefinitely,” according to Jezebel. “The Marines had been planning since last June to make full pull-ups necessary in order for a woman to achieve a perfect score on the Physical Fitness Test.” The question is, which is the right move?

And here’s a picture of Katniss and Peeta in their opening ceremony outfits from The Hunger Games. *dies* (via Daily Blam)

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