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Geekosystem’s Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Novel Giveaway

Silent Stars Go By

BBC Books just released eleven Doctor Who novels in the United States to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the show. That’s one book per Doctor, if you’re counting. You could run out right now and buy them all, or you can tell us which one you’d read first and win your choice of the lot courtesy of our friends at BBC Books.

The books in the series are re-issues of earlier novels branded with new covers and the 50th Anniversary logo. They picked one novel for each Doctor to give folks a taste of the full span of 50 years of Doctor Who. I’m currently reading The Silent Stars Go By, the story featuring the 11th Doctor, and I’ll have an interview with its author Dan Abnett up later this week. I picked this one to read first because it happens to feature my favorite companion, Amelia Pond. I’ll have a more thorough review along with the interview, but it’s tremendous.

Here’s the full list in order of which Doctor the story is focused on:

  • Ten Little Aliens puts the First Doctor in an Agatha Christie-style story in the heart of a frozen moon.
  • Dreams of Empire has the Second Doctor in the middle of the Haddron Empire’s civil war.
  • Last of the Gaderene teams the Third Doctor up with U.N.I.T. to stop the colonization of Earth.
  • Festival of Death puts the Fourth Doctor in an awkward situation where he must sacrifice himself.
  • Fear of the Dark has the Fifth Doctor facing his own worst fears.
  • Players tells the story of the Sixth Doctor in the middle of the Boer War alongside Winston Churchill.
  • Rememberance of the Daleks takes the Seventh Doctor to Coal Hill School in 1963 to stop the Daleks.
  • Earthworld has the Eighth Doctor on a strange Earth-like world with dinosaurs, robots, and killer princesses.
  • Only Human has the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler in modern-day London with a Neanderthal Man.
  • Beautiful Chaos brings back the Tenth Doctor, Donna Noble, and her grandfather Wilfred.
  • The Silent Stars Go By is a classic Christmas story on an alien world with the Eleventh Doctor and the Ponds.

So there you have it. Follow us on Twitter (using that handy button just above if needed) and let us know which of these books you’d read first with a tweet along these lines:

Sure would like to read Beautiful Chaos! @Geekosystem I’m a huge fan of the Tenth Doctor, so, yeah. #GeekoWhoGiveaway

Only, you know, personalized for which book you’d read. If you do, you could find yourself the proud owner of a brand new copy of your chosen book straight from your friends at Geekosystem and BBC Books. In the meantime, if you want to read excerpts from any of the books, or order some — you can’t win them all — head over to the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Collection page.

Precise details: This contest is open to everyone everywhere, but only one entry per person. The contest will end Tuesday, April 30th, 2013, at 5PM ET. Winners will be chosen at random based on valid Twitter entries, and they’ll be notified shortly after the contest ends. If you do not follow @Geekosystem on Twitter, WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO CONTACT YOU IF YOU WIN, and you will be disqualified. Good luck!

UPDATE: It’s over! We’ll contact the winners shortly.

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