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The 13 Best Reactions to Loki’s New Hair From My Tumblr Queue Last Night

I said we’d talk about this later, and now we are. I lazily pulled up Tumblr last night during a break from arranging some instrumental Doctor Who music for my a capella group (you can decide on your own whether that is true or not) and discovered that fandom had found a new chew toy and it was the first trailer for Thor: The Dark World. Specifically, it was the trailer’s one shot of potentially former villain Loki, the first reveal of his brand new The Dark World ‘do.

It has not gone unnoticed that Thor and Loki both sported longer hair in The Avengers than in their initial cinematic appearances, or that Chris Hemsworth’s ‘do got even longer, even incorporating a braid, for The Dark World. Fans wondered if Loki’s hair would follow suit. Fans wondered if this hair lengthening would ever stop, and if by The Avengers 3 the other members of the team would be indistinguishable as every room becomes filled, top to bottom, with the soft, golden locks of the Thunder God as soon as he enters it. But I digress. You can watch the new teaser here, if you haven’t already. Lets look at the best reactions from our dashboard and the Loki tag.

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