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The Walking Dead Loves Baby Yoda, Like the Rest of Us

The walking dead's negan and baby yoda

Sometimes, you just see something and feel like you wrote it. That’s what essentially happened when whoever runs the Twitter account for AMC’s The Walking Dead hopped on to share their love for a certain big-eared baby that we’ve all come to know and appreciate throughout the last year.

A sentence I never thought I’d write, but … the Walking Dead Twitter account is a mood.

The end of October is bringing us such joy because The Mandalorian is returning, but I’m more interested in the fact that whoever runs the Twitter account for TWD said, “Yes, I will promote our stuff but I also love this baby,” which—look, I get it. Have you seen Baby Yoda?

Maybe it’s just fun to look at brands coming together and sharing a common love. (It’s better than most of what brands do online.) Because, if we’re being honest, we all know that The Mandalorian probably loves Baby Yoda more than any of us. (That’s very hard for me to say/admit), but I just like when Twitter accounts like this use fun aspects of the internet to get us excited about something.

Sure, tweeting about the show you’re promoting can be exciting, but what makes this so smart is that they’re tying in with our collective love of the Child. They know that we’re all going to look at this tweet, love the fact that The Walking Dead loves Baby Yoda, and we’re going to remember what they’re promoting, as well. It’s a smart move, and now I’m maybe obsessed with the Twitter account for The Walking Dead.

(via, image: AMC/LucasFilm)

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