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“Still Holding Out For ‘Wayne Enterprises Fracking On the Kent Family Farm’ Legal Drama.”: Our Favorite Comments of the Week

Well I'm holding out for a hero.

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This week in internetland: There was drama! Horror! Weirdness! You’ve read what we’ve had to say about it—now it’s your turn for the center stage. Take a seat for our favorite comments of the week.

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This whole thread in response to A Field Experiment on Gender Stereotypes and Video Game Interactions is gold. Blast Hardcheese! Smash Cleftjaw! Slate Fistcrunch! Big McLargeHuge!

NBC isn’t going to let Constantine smoke. Killer_Tapir asks: “Couldn’t they just tell NBC that it’s a metaphor?” Oh, you.

In response to Zack Snyder explaining why it’s “Batman v Superman” and not “Batman vs Superman” (because it’s more “subtle,” LOL OK) Janna says they’re “still holding out for ‘Wayne Enterprises fracking on the Kent family farm’ legal drama.”

KWDragon asks: “Is two males leads as ‘structural necessity‘ the new ‘women are too hard to animate?’ Stayed tuned to True Detective to find out!”

Speaking of (in regards to changed chess rules):

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“Oh FOX, you tipped your hand early. Normally you try to get us to love your shows and THEN kill them. That way you get more screams of outrage to power your evil machines.”—Fox, Agarda is onto you.

This one comes from David José Martins on Facebook, in response to the first promo of Superman from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.


“People are already rushing to Google to get more information about this ‘Yahoo company.”—VBartilucci responds to Yahoo (who?) bringing back Community from the land of the dead.

Velma Dinkley with Amazon training? That’s it. Pack it in. Crime is over.”—Too true, Chris Peavey.

This from InvisibleRobotGirl: “Oh, wow, variety. This time, the severe looking [Doctor Who] female villain has a Victorian twist to her look. It’s SO different.”

And finally, MarTeaNi responds to David Finch of Wonder Woman’s new creative team saying “We want her to be a strong — I don’t want to say feminist, but a strong character. Beautiful, but strong.” Take it away:

“Beautiful, but strong.”

This is a core complaint of mine when creators talk about working on a female character. Why is that “but” there? Why is beauty and strength considered mutually exclusive? Do you think before Wonder Woman was just Beautiful or just Strong, and now you’re going to daringly make her both at once?

Invariably, usually early, someone says, ‘I want XX to be stereotypically what we imagine a female character to be, but also this other trait that is totes not ladylike.’ Sort of like talking about Power Girl’s breasts and then finish up with, ‘But I also want to show her humanity.’ Maybe I’m reading too much into these boring stock answers. That ‘but’ has always bothered me though.

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