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‘The Mandalorian’s Place In The Weird And Wonderful Star Wars Timeline

This is the way.

We’ve officially got a fresh trailer for The Mandalorian, a release date, and some speculation about whether or not we’ll get more of Pedro Pascal’s beautiful face. All in all, we can’t wait to see more of the best Star Wars show out there (yes, we said it).

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From the trailer, it seems that, if Seasons 1 and 2 were focused on Din Djarin finding Grogu’s place in the world, Season 3 is looking at where Din’s place is. He will journey to Mandalore, armed with the Darksaber, to take back his place among the Mandalorians.

While Din is grappling with his own powers as a Mandalorian, Grogu is also seen to be still flexing his powers. He may have left Luke Skywalker and his Jedi training behind, but he’s still powerful enough to throw an aggressor away from him all while tucked away in his adorable floating crib.

But when is all this going down? Here’s a look at when The Mandalorian takes place in the grander timeline of the Star Wars universe.

When is The Mandalorian set?

The Mandalorian Season 1 was set in 9ABY, about five years after the events of The Return of the Jedi. While a lot has happened in the first two seasons, not a whole lot of time has passed, so Season 3 is likely still in 9ABY, perhaps 10ABY.

In terms of how it relates to other Star Wars titles, The Mandalorian takes place around 25 years before The Force Awakens. It follows directly after The Book of Boba Fett, which saw The Mandalorian Season 2.5 in its final few episodes. This means that other characters that could show up include Boba himself, Fennec Shand, and possibly even Luke Skywalker and Ahsoka again (although we reckon that this Jedi subplot is tidied away now that Grogu has made his choice).

With The Mandalorian Season 3 focusing on Mandalore, it seems more likely to remain self-contained from the other series—but with Star Wars, you never really know.

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