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‘The Gentlemen’ Netflix Series Release Window, Cast, Plot, and More

Mattew McConaughey Colin Farrell Charlie Hunnam Hugh Grant Henry Golding and Michelle Dockery in The Gentlemen

The Gentlemen universe is set to expand with the addition of a spinoff TV series from Netflix. Guy Ritchie’s involvement in the series marks an extremely rare foray into the small screen for the English film writer, director, and producer. Ritchie originally wrote, directed, and produced The Gentlemen with the aid of Ivan Atkinson, Marn Davies, and Bill Block. The film premiered in 2020 and boasted a star-studded cast including Matthew McConaughey, Colin Farrell, Jeremy Strong, Charlie Hunnam, Henry Golding, Hugh Grant, and Michelle Dockery.

The Gentlemen is a comedy crime film that is crude, complex, and enormously entertaining. It follows Michael “Mickey” Pearson (McConaughey), a drug dealer who has built a cannabis empire in England. However, he now plans to sell his business and settle into a quiet life with his wife, Rosalind (Dockery). However, countless foes, and even backstabbing friends, wish to get their hands on his business themselves. As a result, the news of Pearson’s sale sets off a long sequence of schemes, blackmail, and bribery in a bid for his domain.

The Gentlemen received largely positive reviews from audiences and was a box-office success. Most praised the performances, Ritchie’s distinct directing style and dialogue, and the complex, humorous overarching criminal plot. Before the end of 2020, it was reported that Miramax TV was developing a TV show spinoff of The Gentlemen. In March 2022, it was confirmed that the TV show was picked up by Netflix, setting things in motion for its release. It is still early on in production, but filming has reportedly already begun. Here is everything we know about The Gentlemen TV series including its release window, cast, plot, and more.

When will The Gentlemen release on Netflix?

So far, no release date has been set for The Gentlemen. However, considering that filming only started just this month, we can anticipate it is still a ways away. Most likely, we can anticipate the series will release sometime in 2024 or, if things move quickly, perhaps even in late 2023. When it does premiere, it will be available to stream exclusively on Netflix.

Who’s in The Gentlemen cast?

Theo James as Four in Divergent

The Gentlemen TV show is shaping up to have as impressive of a cast as its predecessor. It was recently announced that Theo James would be heading the show in the lead role of Eddie Halstead. The English actor is best known for starring in the Divergent film series, as well as The Time Traveler’s Wife and The White Lotus TV shows. Meanwhile, he will be joined by Kaya Scodelario, who has starred in the Maze Runner trilogy, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, and Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City. Scodelario will be starring as a character named Susan Glass.

Joely Richardson, best known for The Sandman, The Tudors, and The Turning, will star in The Gentlemen as Lady Sabrina. Rumors suggest her character is Eddie’s mother. Meanwhile, I Hate Suzie and Lovesick star Daniel Ings will portray Freddy Halstead, Eddie’s brother. Former professional soccer player-turned-actor Vinnie Jones has also joined the cast of The Gentlemen. He will appear in the series as a character named Geoff Seacombe. Jones is most often cast in villain/gangster roles, suggesting he could be the antagonist of the series. His appearance in the show will mark the second time he has worked with Ritchie, as he previously appeared in Ritchie’s crime drama Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

Buffalo Soldiers and Kick-Ass 2 star Alexis Rodney has been cast as a character known only as Stevens. Meanwhile, The Mandalorian and Breaking Bad star Giancarlo Esposito has also been cast in the series. While Esposito is most well known for his masterful villain roles, his role in The Gentlemen is undisclosed for now. Lastly, Peter Serafinowicz, best known for his roles in Shaun of the Dead and The Tick, has also been cast in The Gentlemen in an undisclosed role.

What is the plot of The Gentlemen TV series?

The Gentlemen will serve as a sequel to the 2019 film. It will explore what happens when Pearson’s illustrious weed empire falls into the hands of an unsuspecting son after inheriting what he thought was only his father’s estate. The series will explore how he undergoes taking charge of the criminal empire and will likely also explore the numerous plotting and conniving criminals who want Pearson’s business as their own. According to IMDb, the official synopsis reads:

The series follows James’ character Eddie Halstead, who has inherited his father’s sizeable estate only to discover that it’s sitting on top of a weed empire owned by the legendary Mickey Pearson. Has this straight-up soldier got what it takes to master the dark arts of the British criminal underworld and take control of the entire operation?

Will The Gentlemen (2019) cast and crew return?

The Gentlemen
(STX Films)

None of the cast from the original film have been confirmed to be appearing in The Gentlemen series. However, given that the series directly ties into Pearson’s business, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him and several of the other cast members make cameos or guest appearances in the show. As for the crew, the majority of The Gentlemen’s production crew has migrated over to the series.

Ritchie will serve as executive producer of the series. He will also write and direct an undisclosed number of episodes. Before The Gentlemen, his only TV work had been on a 2007 TV film, Suspect, and serving as executive producer on the Lock, Stock… series in 2000. His decision to play a prominent role in The Gentlemen TV series shows his passion for extending the story. Upon The Gentlemen being greenlit by Netflix, Ritchie stated,

The world of ‘The Gentlemen’ is a little bit of me. I’m thrilled that with Netflix, Miramax and Moonage we have this opportunity to inhabit it once again. We’re looking forward to bringing fans back into that world, introducing new characters and their stories and I am excited to be doing it with this extremely talented cast.

In addition to Ritchie, Atkinson, Davis, and Block will all be returning as executive producers for The Gentlemen TV series, as well.

When will we get The Gentlemen trailer?

The Gentlemen does not yet have an official teaser or trailer, given that filming has just begun. However, stay tuned for further updates as production on the show progresses.

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