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Good News, ‘Zelda’ Players! We Get To Keep Our Horses From ‘Breath of the Wild’!

My inner horse girl monster is coming OUT today!

Rejoice! We can import our BOTW horses in Tears of the Kingdom!

Today … well, today is a good day. Tears of the Kingdom has released to (almost) universally acclaimed reviews, which is all we were hoping for after waiting so long for it. If anything, many are insistent that it’s actually better than its beloved predecessor, Breath of the Wild—which is saying quite a lot!

But you know what I’m really stoked about? You know what’s really getting me going, here? The thing I’m most excited about, in the middle of all of this? You get to keep your horses.

Yep. Like many of you, I was “freaking out” about potentially losing my favorite horse, Captain Butterscotch. Guess what? That buttery baby boy is coming back, baby! Tears of the Kingdom lets you import your previous horses! Special thanks to our delightful editor Britt Hayes for letting us use a headshot of her beloved horse Lydia Tár for this article, god bless.

How to import your beautiful horse babies (and get new ones) in Tears of the Kingdom

In order to ensure your babies cross over from Breath of the Wild, you gotta make sure you’re either playing on the same Switch console, or you have your save data uploaded to the Cloud to download to your current console. You don’t have to do any extra work aside from this: Once you boot up the game, your pons will be waiting patiently for you at one of the game’s many stables, with the same name and even the same customization features.

Now, this does mean that if you already had a full stable, your new stable will be just as full. So if you see a new horse that you want more than poor Butterscotch the Third, you’ll have to let the guy go. Luckily, the taming process is much the same as it was in the previous game: just sneak up on the baby and survive the stamina mini-game by repeatedly soothing the horse (press the left shoulder button on your controller).

If you’re wondering whether or not it’s even worth it to keep your old babies, here’s a little bit of encouragement: the Horse God Fairy, Malanya, will now help boost your boy’s stats in exchange for a couple of requested meals! So even if Captain Butterscotch utterly sucked and I hated him, I could learn to love him by feeding Malanya and making Butterscotch better. Thankfully for me, Captain Butterscotch is perfect, he doesn’t need upgrades.

Are you also excited to be reunited with your babies in Tears of the Kingdom? Tell me all about them in the comments!

(featured Image: Comedy Central / Nintendo / Britt Hayes)

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