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Stranger Danger: Taliban Posing as Sexy Ladies on Facebook

In what amounts to pure technology-inspired nightmare fuel, it seems that the more savvy Taliban insurgents are pretending to be sexy ladies on Facebook in order to sneakily learn about coalition soldiers. Given the amount of information that folks are more than willing to give up on the service without a second thought, it’s not really all that surprising. Disturbing, and surreal, sure, but not surprising.

This information comes courtesy of a recent Australian government review of social media. The scheme basically has Taliban members creating fake profiles with a profile picture of a gorgeous woman. After friending the unsuspecting soldiers, a wealth of data can be gleaned. In 2007, Americans found this out the hard way when pictures of helicopters arriving allowed insurgents to blow four of them to bits with mortars.

( via Wired, image via Massimo Barbieri)

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