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Yahoo Announces 1 Billion User Accounts Affected by Data Breach—Yes, Another One

A sequel that is truly bigger but not better.

Back in September, Yahoo revealed that they—and their users—been the victims of a large-scale data breach of some 500 million users, which occurred way back in 2014. Now, they're warning users of another security breach from August 2013, which they believe to be a completely separate instance affected as many as one billion users. If we keep up this pattern, we may eventually uncover a data breach from the time period when people actually used Yahoo.

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Happy Birthday, Google! If Today Really Is Your Birthday… Which It Isn’t.

When is Google's birthday, really? Doesn't seem like they know.

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Yahoo Reveals 500 Million Users Are Affected by Data Breach … From 2014


Regular reminder to change your password! Yahoo suffered a security breach back in late 2014, and in August of this year, a hacker named "Peace" was found to be shopping around 200 million usernames and passwords for sale online. Now, Yahoo has revealed that the data breach affected as many as 500 million users and compromised a lot of information, though reportedly not financial data.

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Yahoo’s Abuse-Detecting Algorithm Works 90% of the Time & It’s A “Major Step Forward” in Its Field

Yahoo's new abuse-detecting algorithm, developed based on patterns found in their own comments sections on news articles, works 90 percent of the time.

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Former Yahoo Employee Alleges the Company Discriminates Against Men

Gregory Anderson, a former Yahoo employee who worked as an editorial director for the company for four years until he was fired in November of 2014, filed a lawsuit February 1st in which Yahoo is accused of "actual and intentional gender-based discrimination” against men.

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How Much Money Did Yahoo Lose From Community?

The sixth season of Community streamed on Yahoo, after five seasons of low ratings and almost-cancellation on NBC; today, Yahoo has said that they lost money by streaming Community and two other original shows (Sin City Saints and Other Space).

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Marissa Mayer’s Maternity Leave Is None of Our Business

Marissa Mayer is one of the biggest names in tech. Formerly of Google, she's been CEO of Yahoo! for the past three years. She's also a wife and mother to one son, and now, as announced in a recent tweet, twin girls! The thing is, when you're a woman in a male-dominated industry, you're under scrutiny from all sides, and what should've been one woman's happy family announcement has evolved into an "example" for working women everywhere.

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Yahoo Getting Rid of All Those Pesky Passwords With New Authentication System

But what will we do with all of our capital letters and numbers?

Your extra capital letters, numbers, and special characters may have to find a new home soon, because Yahoo has a new system to get rid of all those annoying passwords. You know, because you totally don't just use the same one for everything. That would be irresponsible.

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Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Says Gender Isn’t Relevant in the Tech Industry: “I Never Play the Gender Card”


In a recent interview with Backchannel, Yahoo's Marissa Mayer was asked if she thought a male CEO with similar attributes would have received the same level of personal criticism that she's experienced during her time at the company. But according to Backchannel, "Mayer wants nothing to do with that form of support."

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Everything Has Chang’d in the Community Season Six Trailer

Six seasons and a movie (parody)!

I'm gonna show you something beautiful.

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Oh God, Hide Your Fics: Tumblr Introduces New “Fandometrics” Website To Chart Pop Culture

And yet, the "reblog post as link" still hasn't been fixed yet.

In its exhaustive quest to prove to kids on the Internet that they're totally hip and cool and their new parent company Yahoo is not running them into the ground, Tumblr has created a website which "compiles the top pop culture conversations within the Tumblr community." Basically, it's like Tumblarity but for fandoms. Hey, guys, remember Tumblarity? Gosh, I've been on the Internet for a while.

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Yahoo’s Community Season 6 Has an Air Date!


Big breaking news out of the Television Critics Association press tour today, and it doesn't even have to do with a superhero! Unless you count Dean Pelton. He's my hero.

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New Yahoo Series “Other Space” Brings Together MST3K Cast Members & Paul Feig

This is Big McLargeHuge news!

Paul Feig is kind of having a great time at the moment. Not only is he heading up that all-female reboot of Ghostbusters, but now he's also reuniting the Mystery Science Theater 3000 cast for a new Yahoo series!

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We Talked to Dan Harmon About Community, Harmontown, and the Epic Broship of Troy and Abed

All aboard the train to Harmontown

Reasons I loved this year's New York Comic Con: I got to see great cosplay. I was able to buy five amazing posters in ten minutes. (My bank account's not happy, but I am.) I had the chance to meet some of you guys at Geek Girl Headquarters. Oh, and I got to interview Community and Rick & Morty creator Dan Harmon. That's kind of a big one.

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Oh, That’s (Not) Nice: Yvette Nicole Brown Leaves Community

Is this the darkest timeline?

When Community comes back for its sixth season on Yahoo!, Shirley Bennett won't be coming with it.

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Yahoo Is Shutting Down the Original YAHOO Because No One Cares and Everything Dies

"Everything that has a beginning has an end." -Google (I think)

Cue all the requisite "I feel so old!"

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Community Season 6 Teaser Says Yahoo Can Rebuild It Better Than Ever, They Have the Technology

They can make it better, stronger, and 100% less canceled.

It was a legitimate concern that a teaser entitled "Yahoo Saves Community" would be Yahoo awkwardly patting themselves on the back about Community, but while that's in there, it's a brief and passable moment in an overall enjoyable teaser. Of course, it's too early for new footage, but the tone, repurposing of old footage, and sense of humor are pretty much perfect. If you were worried Yahoo would Britta this, perhaps this will Chang your point of view.

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Yahoo! Catches Up With Google and Microsoft, Will Encrypt Email to Keep the NSA Out of Your Inbox

Now that address is a little less embarrassing.

Email is one of the least secure ways to communicate, but it's also one of the most common. With the recent revelations that the NSA is spying on everyone security has become a bigger priority in people's lives, and businesses are looking to cash in. Yahoo! just announced they're joining Google and Microsoft in efforts to encrypt their email service.

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Community Cast and Crew Finally Talk Season 6 at Comic-Con

It's all happening!

At Comic-Con Community's cast and crew made their first public appearance since the show's resurrection, and it was as hilarious and wonderful as you'd expect. Check out the video in the Tweet above where Yahoo puts Dan Harmon, Gillian Jacobs, and Jim Rash up to talk about the show, and then hit the jump for a few more gems including some NSFW language from Joel McHale about the cancelation.

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Sony TV Exec Says Community Movie Will Happen and Talks What Comes After #Sixseasonsandamovie

It's all happening!

Community has taken us on a roller coaster of emotions ever since it was canceled by NBC, but now that Yahoo Screen (which I'm unfamiliar with, but I have to guess is some kind of supreme being sent to guide us to salvation) has saved the show, things are all falling into place. And, according to Zack Van Amburg, Sony Pictures Television president of programming and production, that #andamovie business is totally happening!

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