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Underground Caves, Deep-Sea Labs, and Learning Not to Be a Jerk: Training as an Astronaut

Astronaut Jessica U. Meir sat down with TMS and gave us a glimpse into all the technical, physical, and psychological training that goes into becoming an astronaut - as well as all the cool, otherworldly environments they get to explore.

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“There’s No One Path” : How Astronaut Jessica Meir Went From Studying Animal Physiology to Training for Space Flight

Jessica U. Meir sat down with TMS to talk about her career as a biologist and as one of the NASA astronauts who's working to get us to Mars. "There’s no one path to becoming an astronaut," she said. "Originally, all of the astronauts were white male military test pilots. And now the program is much more diverse."

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These Women in Science Deserve Their Own Biopics, Feat. Suggestions From Neil deGrasse Tyson, Sylvia Earle, and More

Hollywood, are you taking notes?

We asked different Neil deGrasse Tyson, Sylvia Earle and other National Geographic scientists what women in science we should know about. While Marie Curie was a popular answer, we also learned some new names.

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Jeanette J. Epps Will Make History as First African-American Astronaut to Board the International Space Station

On Wednesday, NASA announced that Jeanette J. Epps would be the first African-American astronaut to board the International Space Station as a crew member.

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Janelle Monáe, Taraji P. Henson to Star in Movie About the African-American Women Behind the Space Race

To the moon!

Last summer development was announced on an adaptation of Margot Lee Shetterly’s Hidden Figures: The Story of the African-American Women Behind the Space Race, her book about African-American NASA engineers Katherine Johnson, Mary Jackson, Dorothy Vaughan, Kathryn Peddrew, Sue Wilder, Eunice Smith and Barbara Holley.

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Things We Saw Today: Constance Wu to Star in Lady-Led Dramatic Feature

Fresh off the Boat's Constance Wu is a total star, and soon she'll be showing off her skills in You and Me Both, the feature debut from director Jennifer Cho Suhr.

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The Women of NASA’s Newest Astronaut Class Plan on Getting Their Asses to Mars

In 15 years (at the absolute soonest), NASA could be sending astronauts to Mars, and Nicole Aunapu Mann, Anne McClain, Jessica Meir, and Christina Hammock Koch might be aboard.

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Berkeley Department Head Sends Misguided Letter to Staff About Serial Harasser Geoff Marcy

I'm sorry, this is hardest for who right now?

As of last week, there were no punishments being handed down from the administration, and we hoped that was because they were taking their time deciding on a fitting one. As of today, there are still no sanctions or penalties being doled out to Marcy for his actions.

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UC Berkeley Astronomy Professor Violated Sexual Harassment Policies

Over the course of nine years (2001-2010), Dr. Geoff Marcy is said to have harassed four women with inappropriate groping, kissing, and massaging. Shudder.

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Cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova Reveals Former USSR Wasn’t That Keen On Sending Women Into Space

It seems that, despite making a big deal about sending the first woman into space, the former USSR wasn't nearly as keen on the idea as they made themselves out to be.

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Real-Life Astronaut and Trekkie, Samantha Cristoforetti, to Appear in Crowdfunded Star Trek Fan Film

Thank you, Internet!

Sometimes, it pays to wear your favorite Starfleet uniform when taking selfies in outer space. We've known for a while that Italian astronaut, Samantha Cristoforetti, who's currently aboard the International Space Station, is a huge nerd. So much that, on one occasion, she did her best Janeway impression in the above photo. Well, it looks like all that in-uniform camera prep paid off!

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#ILookLikeAnEngineer Features Some Great Examples of Female Engineers

Y'all take note.

Over the past few days, the #ILookLikeAnEngineer hashtag has picked up some serious momentum, with female engineers from all different types of fields reminding gross internet people that yes, women are engineers, too.

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Earth Celebrates New Horizons’ MOM, Mission Operations Manager Alice Bowman

Mars Pluto needs MOMs!

New Horizons' historic Pluto Flyby isn't just setting a precedent for space exploration—it's also bringing unprecedented attention to the women who work to make advances in space exploration possible.

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Film About the African-American Women Who Won the Space Race in Development

Step aside, Buzz Aldrin.

When we learn about the Space Race we mostly hear about Alan Shepard, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and other white men. What about Katherine Johnson? Mary Jackson?

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NASA Online Summer Mentoring Program Aims to Teach Young Girls About STEM

Better than space camp.

For the third consecutive year, NASA's Girls and Boys program is looking to connect middle schoolers with NASA employees for a 5-week online summer program.

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Jessica Chastain Shares Her Thoughts on The Martian, Ridley Scott, and Women in Sci-Fi

The line between Interstellar and The Martian just became a whole lot blurrier.

On the set of The Martian, Chastain fielded questions from a group of visiting reporters. She talked about The Martian and strong, heroic women in Ridley Scott films.

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Memorabilia From the First Women in Space and More for Auction to All You Aspiring Badass-tronauts

On Wednesday, Regency-Superior auctioneers will allow you to own a piece of space in a very real way—much more real than those "name a star" registries, anyway. They're auctioning off 860 lots of space memorabilia with signed photos of space pioneers and much, much more!

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My Top Seven Favorite Women in Space: Awesome Boots, Vesty-things, and Acts of Ass-Kickery

Space - the Final Frontier. The Black. The Intergalactic Highway. The Galactic Empire. Whether you prefer Space Pirates, Space Cowpersons, Space Officers, or Space Princesses, there's a sci-fi for that. Maybe it's my love of amazing boots, leather, and holster-y things that wrap around your legs and arms, but I would like to apply for the position of Space Pirate. Or Space Princess. Or better yet, Space Pirate Princess.

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Italy’s First Woman in Space Is About to Break Two Spaceflight Records on Her First Trip, Explains Space Toilets

Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti already made history as Italy's first woman in space, but a little unexpected time aboard the ISS is about to make her the holder of some impressive spaceflight records.

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Italian Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti’s Space-Cosplay Game is On Point

"Coffee: the finest organic suspension ever devised."

Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti has been living it up on the ISS since November as flight engineer of the Futura mission, and celebrated the SpaceX Dragon freighter's delivery of supplies earlier this week (including specially-engineered, Borg-proof Italian space coffee) by sharing an extremely nerdy pic on Twitter.

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