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Things We Saw Today: Female Transformers United Just In Time for SDCC

We love that there are female bots in the Transformers universe. Now, you can have them all in one awesome set, as Windblade, Chromia, and Arcee are collected in this Combiner Hunters set from Hasbro that includes an exclusive Combiner Hunters comic.

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Roll Out! Hasbro Unveils Plans For New Female-Only Transformers Crew

Go, Victorion!

On Friday morning, Hasbro announced their plan to create a brand new Transformers crew featuring only female bots.

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Interview: Windblade Creator Mairghread Scott Returns With Combiner Wars, Plus Exclusive Art of the Mistress of Flame!

Wait, it's not Combine Wars? *sadly drives tractor away*

It was only a year ago that we were getting our first looks at Windblade, a fan-designed character who's broken major gender barriers in IDW's Transformers continuity. Windblade's miniseries is over, but she and writer Mairghread Scott are back for IDW's big Transformers event of the summer: Combiner Wars!

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The Mary Sue’s Best Moments in Female Fandom in 2014!

'Nuff said.

Bad moments are sometimes the most important for us to write about here at The Mary Sue, but that doesn't mean everything is doom and gloom! We're all passionate geeks, and that means, above all else, loving things so much that we might actually explode. Take a look back at some of the things we loved this year that were the best candidates for untimely death by spontaneous fan-bustion.

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Pull it Together With Your Weekly Comics Bulletin: Huge Sales and Storm #1!

We've got issues. Lots of issues.

Welcome to Pull it Together, where the goal isn’t to tell you exactly what comics you should read, but to narrow the field by showing you titles you shouldn’t overlook. It isn’t about what’s on my pull list, it’s about what could be on yours!

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Welcome to Pull It Together, Our New Weekly Comics Post, June 25th Edition!

We've got issues. Lots of issues.

It's almost new comic day, do you know where your pull list is?

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The Mary Sue (Finally!) Reviews Transformers: Windblade #1


After all the hype and hooplah surrounding its release, does the first issue of Mairghread Scott and Sarah Stone's Windblade (read our interview with Scott here), which gave the franchise a much-needed lady robot infusion, stack up as quality entertainment? Or was all the hand-wringing and fan angst justified? More importantly, will this book make any damn sense to a newcomer like me? I'm new to the Transformers fandom. I mean just-joined-at-thirty-years-old-after-watching-a-cartoon-on-Netflix new. Literally, I can remember this kid in grade school, whose name was Curtis (for reference, I can't remember the name of my own fiancé half the time, so the fact that I remember Curtis is something to behold), whom I used to tease for liking things like Ninja Turtles and Transformers. He had a Ninja Turtle backpack and I had a smug sense of superiority. Completely unjustified, Curtis. I owe you ten beers. TEN BEERS.

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Meet Windblade Part 2: An Interview with Mairghread Scott and Exclusive Character Designs!


A couple weeks back we put up a short recap of the “controversy” around fan-made TRANSFORMERS, Windblade, that’s debuting in her own 4 part comic series, along with her own Hasbro toy. That article was meant to be the first half of a piece where we got to interview Windblade’s author, Mairghread Scott, but the latter half of that was unavoidably delayed for a bit. So it was much to my delight to receive that interview back today, and OH BOY does Ms. Scott deliver! Want to know more about Windblade, the bots appearing alongside her, and her place in the larger TRANSFORMERS canon? Well wait no longer, friends! As a double-plus bonus for the being patient with the wait, IDW and Ms Scott have given us several previews of Windblade supporting characters, including BlurrChromia, and Starscream!

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Meet Windblade, A Female Character Joining the Transformers Comic Canon


It all started innocently enough. Hasbro, who owns the Transformers license, held a fan-build bot poll in 2013 in anticipation of Transformer’s 30th anniversary in 2014. The final chosen bot got a 4 book comic run and its own toy, all chosen by the fans for the fans. Thus was Windblade born, but with just one problem… Windblade is a female bot.

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