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Things We Saw Today: These Dancing Robots Just Set a World Record

1,069 robots all danced together in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China to break the Guinness World Record for "most robots dancing simultaneously."

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Astronauts, Celebrities, and Voices on “The Golden Record” Wish Voyager I Well in NASA Video

Did I cry watching this video? #LittleBit

Neil deGrasse Tyson, Wil Wheaton, Carl Sagan's son, LaVar Burton, astronaut Mike Massimino and many more wish the Voyager I well as it becomes the first human-made object to enter interstellar space. NASA encourages everyone to do the same, because this is a truly remarkable human achievement.

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UPDATE: Voyager I is the First Human-Made Object to Enter Interstellar Space, Watch NASA Event Live

Number of human-made object outside of our solar system: 1. Just one.

We think NASA is getting ready to announce that the Voyager I spacecraft has finally left the solar system, making it the first human craft to do so. An announcement is coming at 2:00PM EDT and you can watch it right here. UPDATE: Yes! Voyager I has left the solar system!

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Voyager 1 Reaches Edge of Our “Solar Bubble”

It's not quite out of the solar system yet, but at 11 billion miles from the Sun it's certainly getting there.

The Voyager 1 spacecraft was in the news a few months ago when it was falsely reported that it had left the solar system. It still hasn't left the Sun's magnetic field, but NASA says it is at the final barrier of the heliosphere. It could still be months or years before Voyager 1 crosses that barrier, but when it does it will be the first human-made craft to enter interstellar space.

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NASA Says Everyone Needs to Chill, Voyager Has Not Left The Solar System

The Internet's been blowing up over the news that the Voyager 1 spacecraft was the first man-made object to leave our solar system, except that it's not true. NASA and the JPL have announced that, though they're aware of the paper that everyone's talking about, they're not buying it. The official Voyager team says that although it's on the outer edges, Voyager 1 hasn't yet broken out into interstellar space. So calm down. It hasn't happened yet -- but it will eventually.

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Today in Geek History: NASA’s Voyager 1 Nears Jupiter, Snaps Pics

As a race, we can't leave well enough alone. We need to look and prod and just generally be voyeurs of the entire universe, and that's been all right, since aliens haven't called us on it yet. So back in 1977, we sent out a space probe -- not the first, not the last -- that you might remember called Voyager 1. Its mission was to get a good look at the outer reaches of the Solar System. And so it was that today, in 1979, Voyager 1 made its closest approach to mighty Jupiter and snapped some amazing photos. Thousands, in fact. So what did we learn about the Jovian gas giant that constitutes the fifth planet from the Sun?

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NASA’s Voyager 1 Spacecraft Nears the Edge of the Solar System

Voyager 1, an unmanned probe that NASA launched into space in 1977 to study the outer planets in our solar system, is still doing remarkable things 30 years after it photographed Jupiter and Saturn. According to a Voyager Project scientist, new data from the probe indicate that it is nearing the boundaries of interstellar space, the space between stars where matter becomes even more sparse. 10.8 billion miles from the Sun, Voyager 1 encountered a crucial shift in the solar wind, the charged particles emitted by the Sun: The wind's outward velocity had slowed to zero and the wind was only detectable from the side, indicating that the spacecraft had crossed a key threshold within the heliosphere, the 'bubble' blown by the solar wind which marks the boundaries where the strength of our sun's solar wind exceeds that of other stars.

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