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A Scientific Paper on How the Fall-Breaking Haystacks in Assassin’s Creed Are Bulls***

It's not called a "leap of faith" for nothing.

The high percentage of nerd overlap between scientists and gamers has produced yet another gem of very important scientific research: a paper that shows why Assassin's Creed's all-powerful, life-saving haystacks are even less realistic than everything else about Assassin's Creed.

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Physics Students Say Getting Saved By The Flash Might Injure You More

This is some Gwen Stacey bullshit all over again, man.

Huh, who knew! Turns out that super-fast speeds are bad for you. I'm surprised DC Comics hasn't mined this for drama yet.

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Teleportation Might Be Possible, If You Don’t Mind Waiting 4 Quadrillion Years

Of course, that's a touch longer than the universe has been around, so...

Your dreams of being beamed up by Scotty are about to be crushed, Trekkers. Physics students at the University of Leicester have discovered that, even if teleportation were possible, the amount of time it would take to download and re-upload a human brain would be equivalent to over 4 quadrillion years. Scotty is not waiting around for that.

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What Are the Odds? Math Students Calculate That The Chances of Finding Richard III’s Body Were Terrible

Hey, remember last month when researchers from the University of Leicester used DNA evidence to prove a body found underneath a parking lot was that of King Richard III? And then everyone was all like, "What are the odds?" Some math students at the same university went ahead and ran the numbers. As you'd expect, the chances of actually finding Richard III's body were almost infinitesimally slim.

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Students Write Paper On Physics of Spider-Man 2’s Train Stop Scene

Geeks like to argue about things. After seeing Spider-Man 2 back in 2004, my friend and I got into a heated argument over whether or not the big train-stopping scene was possible. Would the webs hold up? Is Spidey's grip strong enough to hold the webs? Would his arms get ripped off? What about all the things he's shooting webs onto, would they hold up? Rather than argue over Chinese food like we did, some students at the University of Leicester actually used physics to settle the debate once and for all, and they published their results.

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Good Job, Now Do Hoffa: Body of Richard III Found Buried Beneath Parking Lot

The long-lost body of one of England's most famously reviled royals has been discovered in a rather ignominious final resting place. Researchers from the University of Leicester are reporting today the DNA evidence has confirmed that a body found beneath a parking lot late last year is indeed that of Richard III. Some historians are hoping the find will provide a chance for people to look at the 15th-century monarch in a new light, independent of the 'hunchback made of pure evil' characterization popularized by Shakespeare's well known play.

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Geologists Pinpoint Origin of Early Stones at Stonehenge

A new study has found the exact origin for some of Stonehenge's oldest stones. The rocks, which may have been part of the inner ring and "horseshoe" portion of the ancient landmark, are now confirmed to have come from an outcropping of rocks in Wales called Craig Rhos-y-Felin in north Pembrokeshire -- some 160 miles from Stonehenge. While the research is a worthy discovery in its own right,it could give some clues about how the massive stone circle was constructed.

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