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No Freedom Isn’t Free: Ancient Egyptians Paid Their Way Into Slavery

With the sorry state the job market is currently in, having years of knowledgeable experience and a cordial workplace attitude aren't enough to improve one's station in the office. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and sometimes you just have to buck up and rely on the power of the almighty dollar to skyrocket up that corporate ladder. It's a common misconception that the oftentimes unsavory practice of paying one's way to the top is a modern conception reserved only for the truly manipulative, but a recent discovery has shown that ancient Egyptians had done the same a little over 2,000 years ago. While this development isn't all that surprising, the fact that some Egyptians paid their way into slavery is certainly baffling enough to raise an eyebrow.

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Viking Thanksgiving Would Have Been Seal Meat, Just Like Pretty Much Every Viking Meal

If you're hard-pressed for things to be thankful for today, may we offer a humble suggestion? Be glad you're not a Viking, because those folks had to eat a whole lot of tough, blubbery seal meat -- up to 80% of their regular calorie intake -- to survive. If anyone was planning on making their first million marketing The Viking Diet might be time to let that dream die, because the Viking diet was apparently vile.

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Wanted: AI That Makes Cars Crash, Without Crashing

'Cause if it crashed all the time, it wouldn't be of much use as a computer program, amirite? ... OK, I'll go turn in my wordplay badge. Researchers at the University of Wuerzberg have held yearly competitions for the best car racing AI since 2008. This year, they are also challenging their contestants to a slightly different kind of contest: Demolition Derby.

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