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Wanted: AI That Makes Cars Crash, Without Crashing

‘Cause if it crashed all the time, it wouldn’t be of much use as a computer program, amirite?

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OK, I’ll go turn in my wordplay badge.

Researchers at the University of Wuerzberg have held yearly competitions for the best car racing AI since 2008.  This year, they are also challenging their contestants to a slightly different kind of contest: Demolition Derby.

According to Julian Togelius, Professor of IT at the University of Copenhagen,

Previous years have seen a number of car racing competitions where neural nets, rule-based systems and other fancy AI techniques have been put to the test by letting them drive on a track and seeing who gets the best lap time. Recognizing that finding the Michael Schumacher of AI is not enough, a team of researchers from University of Wuerzburg now wants to find the Mad Max of AI.

Cars will compete in one on one battles around a small virtual track, until only 8 are left.  Those 8 will then be thrown into the free for all.  Even better, the competition is open to anyone who has the internet and can program (a very simple Venn diagram, to be sure).  Wuerzberg has everything you’ll need available to download right here.

Go forth and destroy, without danger of whiplash!

(Coboslab via /.)

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