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Justin Baldoni’s TED Talk Is a Beautifully Honest Exploration of the Different Sides of Masculinity

We've been looking forward to Justin Baldoni's weekly series 'Man Enough' for a few months now. I first saw it announced in October of this year, described as a dinner-party-style show with male celebrities and public figures discussing issues of masculinity. Baldoni recently gave a talk at the TEDWomen Conference and showed us what we can expect from those discussions. After watching the above video, we're more excited than ever.

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Here are Some Solid Resources for Discussing Masculinity on International Men’s Day

It's International Men's Day, so here are some cool resources for talking about masculinities and manhood from a feminist perspective.

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Stranger Things Is Great at Subverting Toxic Masculinity

There's been some understandable criticism of the flawed portrayals of women and girls in both seasons of Stranger Things. But while the way Stranger Things portrays women could be more nuanced, the show’s powerful deconstruction of toxic notions of masculinity makes it a decidedly feminist—though still arguably imperfect—piece of television.

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A Pattern of Behavior: Eight House of Cards Employees Accuse Kevin Spacey of Sexual Harassment and Assault

A common challenge I've been seeing pop up about several of the numerous men being accused of sexual harassment lately is "Should we continue to punish someone for a mistake they made years ago?" Considering the recent allegations against actor Kevin Spacey from employees on his most current project, the answer seems to be yes.

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Police on Both Coasts Investigating Allegations of Sexual Assault Against Harvey Weinstein and James Toback

Because, you know, sexual assault is a crime.

Lest we forget, sexual assault is a crime, regardless of how Hollywood brushes it under the rug.

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Iron Fist Gave Toxic Masculinity a Seat at the Table

What will The Defenders do about it?

Iron Fist gave toxic masculinity a seat at The Defenders’ table. Are they going to expect Jessica Jones – and the rest of us – to choke it down?

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“To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before”: the Kobayashi Maru of Modern Masculinity

An examination of Spock’s Vulcanness as a metaphor for modern masculinity.

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The Prison of Masculinity: Orange Is the New Black‘s Healy and the Dangers of Toxic Masculinity

"Behind every strong man is [a pile of poisonous patriarchal crap]."

Spoiler warning for all of Orange Is the New Black throughout. Because Orange Is the New Black takes place in a women’s prison and is primarily concerned with the prisoners in said prison, the vast majority of its characters are going to be women. That’s not really a criticism, since there’s no real way around it. And […]

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An Open Letter to Nerd Culture: Wolverine as Toxic Masculinity

Fellow nerds, we have a problem. Women who dare have opinions about, well, anything are getting harassed, and going to cons can mean running a gauntlet of unwanted comments and harassment. Too often, I see guys like me spouting of the worst MRA and PUA clichés. Heck, those ideas shouldn't even be getting any traction with anyone who has any idea what exclusion is like, but they do, and I think I know part of the reason why.

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Cover Letter for a Sexist CraigsList Job Posting

I’m writing this letter in response to the available Lady Video Game Streamer position you posted on CraigsList. Attached is my resume.

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