Some Terrible Men Are Having a Hard Time Finding a Razor That Promotes Good Old Fashioned Sexism

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Following yesterday’s premiere of Gillette’s new ad tackling toxic masculinity, a whole bunch of awful men are faced with a new problem: Where can a guy go to get a razor that promotes good old fashioned sexism these days?

Yes, a lot of men are very upset that their hair removal tools are vocally opposed to things like bullying and sexual harassment. Piers Morgan, who, as usual, could not have missed the point more, wrote in a blathering op-ed that he “won’t use Gillette razors again until they withdraw this terrible commercial and formally apologise for their man-hating bullsh*t.”

Professional alt-right troll Jack Posobiec had to walk back his three-day-old pro-Gillette comments.

Those are just two of the many, many men on Twitter and in YouTube comments who simply cannot handle the idea that some traits men have been pushed to exhibit and internalize are destructive, not just to women but also to men.

Just this week, the American Psychological Association released its first-ever set of guidelines for treating men and warned that “traditional masculinity—marked by stoicism, competitiveness, dominance and aggression—is, on the whole, harmful.” Men report depression less often than women but die by suicide at far higher rates. They’re more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD and boys–especially boys of color–are more likely to receive harsher punishments in school.

Being a man isn’t a bad thing, but many of the things boys and men are told have to represent masculinity can be. But a lot of people are refusing to see the difference, and they’ll be damned if a razor is going to tell them not to harass women or enjoy watching children fight each other.

Think of the troops! What would they think of these attempts to show compassion for the struggles men face in trying to live up to harmful and unrealistic standards of masculinity??

So what are these men to do? Are there any companies left that can remove your facial hair and refrain from encouraging men to be better humans?

A lot of these guys are recommending everyone switch to Dollar Shave Club. No one tell them …

(DSC also participated briefly in the advertiser boycott of Sean Hannity’s show.)

These guys might be having a hard time finding a razor, but at least they’ve proven what we all already knew, once and for all: That their delicate sensibilities crumble to dust under the slightest criticism of their tightly held identity politics.

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