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The Room, Called the Worst Movie Ever Made, Gets the Honest Trailer It Deserves

Oh, hi, Mark.

Dubbed "the world's greatest bad movie," Tommy Wiseau's The Room has become so legendary in its suckitude that it ascended to a whole new plane of reality.

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What a Story! James Franco to Direct, Star as Tommy Wiseau in Movie About The Room

*flings spoon*

Wiseau will be played by...the exact kind of person Wiseau would probably cast to play himself.

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Tommy Wiseau Says It’s “Too Bad” He Wasn’t Tapped For the Fantastic Four Reboot

It really, really was.

Cult filmmaker and master of "is he joking or what" Tommy Wiseau recently told Milwaukee Magazine that he actually loved the first Fantastic Four film, but that the reboot could've used some help ... from him, of course.

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Tommy Wiseau As Batman Is The Movie Mash-Up We Deserve

Sorry, Clooney. You've been upstaged again.

Room spoofs are a dime a dozen, but few so perfectly capture the specific weirdness of Mr. Wiseau. The casual hair flicks! The cackling! Props to Jake Torpey for his portrayal of Batman/Tommy, and double props to director Patrick Willems for capturing that Room je ne sais quoi, right down to the terrible soundtrack.

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James Franco Will Direct And Possibly Star In A Movie About The Making Of The Room


In what has to be the weirdest sentence I've ever typed out, James Franco announced yesterday that he will be making a movie based on the making of Tommy Wiseau's The Room. I say that's the weirdest sentence because basically any time you do anything even tangentially related to Tommy Wiseau, you're in for an incredibly wild ride.

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Somebody Mashed Up The Room With Friends And It’s Wonderful

How did they manage to make Denny not seem creepy?

Watching this The Room parody title sequence without having watched The Room will probably make a person think that it's a totally normal, friendly romantic comedy. It is not. It is actually bonkers masterpiece of awful cinema, which is what makes this Friends mashup so wonderfully, surreally perfect.

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Because No One Demanded It, The Room Is Coming Out On Blu-Ray

As the official season for buying unnecessary crap that no one ever wanted or asked for comes to a close, we'd be remiss if we didn't point out that, later this week, you can own a copy of The Room, Tommy Wiseau's war crime against the concepts of cinema and common decency, on Blu-Ray. We don't know why you'd want to purchase such a thing -- especially for the not-so-low price of $31.99 -- and since we frankly don't approve of it existing, we're prepared to say you might be a bad person if you do, but hey, if that's a thing that seems like a good idea to you, you can do it now. Just know that doing so probably makes you a sub-human monster.

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