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Somebody Mashed Up The Room With Friends And It’s Wonderful

How did they manage to make Denny not seem creepy?

Watching this The Room parody title sequence without having watched The Room will probably make a person think that it’s a totally normal, friendly romantic comedy. It is not. It is actually bonkers masterpiece of awful cinema, which is what makes this Friends mashup so wonderfully, surreally perfect.

Can you just imagine all the great episode titles you could make out of the “plot” of Tommy Wiseau’s directorial debut? How about The One Where Mark Shaves? The One Where Everybody Gangs Up On Denny! The One Where Lisa’s Mother Definitely Has Breast Cancer! The One Where Johnny Keeps His Stupid Comments In His Pocket! The One Where You’re Tearing Me Apart, Lisa!!

Seriously, we could do this all day.

(via The Unusual Suspect on Youtube)

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