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Tig Notaro

Tig Notaro Urges Us to Believe and Support Survivors on Late Show With Stephen Colbert

"I just really hope people will not drop the ball."

The two talked about a plot line in One Mississippi that involves a predatory man in power.

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Things We Saw Today: Charlottesville’s Robert E. Lee Statue Covered in Black to Symbolize Mourning for Heather Heyer

While the removal of the Lee statue in Emancipation Park (yeah, I know) is "on hold due to legal challenges," this symbolic gesture was met with cheers.

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SNL’s Best Sketch of the Week Was Stolen From Tig Notaro’s Even Better Short Film

Clown wars.

Tig Notaro has responded to Saturday Night Live's alleged plagiarism of her short film Clown Service, calling it "extremely disappointing."

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Tig Notaro Balances Comedy and Tragedy in One Mississippi Trailer

If you're looking for shows to watch this fall, comedian Tig Notaro's One Mississippi should be on your radar. The series is partially autobiographical, based on Notaro experience after the death of her mother.

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Things We Saw Today: John Boyega Surprises Fans at NYC Screenings of The Force Awakens

Precious morning bun John Boyega showed up to a few screenings of The Force Awakens in New York last night to surprise fans after the movie had ended. (I'm just bitter because I missed out on seeing him in person by literally ONE DAY. Curse my proactive fandom desires!)

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Humble Comedy Bundle Lets You Pay What You Want for Some Amazing Comedy Special

It benefits charity, and you get to watch comedy. Do this right now please.

Comedy is wonderful. So is helping charity, and so is getting things an amazing price. The Humble Comedy Bundle is combining all of those things into one thing! A bundle, if you will. You can pay what you want for some great comedy, and if you pay above the average you get even more great comedy.

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