Humble Comedy Bundle Lets You Pay What You Want for Some Amazing Comedy Special

It benefits charity, and you get to watch comedy. Do this right now please.
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Comedy is wonderful. So is helping charity, and so is getting things an amazing price. The Humble Comedy Bundle is combining all of those things into one thing! A bundle, if you will. You can pay what you want for some great comedy, and if you pay above the average you get even more great comedy.

Anyone who goes in for the Bundle will get Maria Bamford’s The Special Special Special, which is performed in her living room for an audience of just her parents and the film crew. It’s genius. Everyone also gets Tig Notaro’s Live (rhymes with give, not hive), Hannibal Buress’ My Name is Hannibal, and Jim Norton’s Please Be Offended.

That’s the pay what you want Bundle, but if you go above the average (currently $8.67) you get even more. Anyone who’s not cheap or broke can unlock Louis C.K.’s great Live at the Beacon Theater, and two albums by the late Patrice O’Neal including his posthumous release Unreleased.

The money from the Bundle is being split between the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child’s Play Charity, so you’re kind of a heartless monster if you don’t pick this up. Do it for the children! Also do it because these are all great comedy specials.

(via Humble Comedy Bundle)

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