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Tig Notaro: Jennifer Aniston Signed Onto First Ladies Based Solely on the Premise

You know that excitement when you fall in love with a project solely based on it’s perfect premise? Well, it turns out that Jennifer Aniston felt the exact same way about First Ladies as we did. The Netflix-produced drama stars Anniston as the first female President of the United States and Tig Notaro as her First Lady, written by Notaro and her wife Stephanie Allynne.

In an interview on Conan, Notaro talks about how the idea began as an ongoing joke between Notaro and Allynne, where Notaro keeps suggesting that Allynne should run for office , “and then as time went on and we joked about it more…and then I was like ‘I think this might be a really good movie idea.'” When they reached out to Aniston, with nothing but the premise, she agreed immediately. Soon after, but still without a script, Will Ferrell also joined the project.

“Everybody has told us, ‘Don’t get used to this,'” says Notaro, on how well First Ladies was received. She also jokes, “Jennifer Aniston is very attractive…and I was just like, hey, how about….we’re married.”

First Ladies is currently in the early stages of production, but fans of Notaro’s comedy and show One Mississippi are already sure it’s going to be amazing. “She’s also very funny and its been a real joy to write for her,” says Notaro about her POTUS.

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