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Lin-Manuel Miranda to Take Hamilton to Puerto Rico, Reprising His Lead Role

"In the eye of a hurricane, there is quiet/for just a moment/a yellow sky..."

Of all the places Hamilton will play as it tours the world, few will be quite as meaningful as this. Lin-Manuel Miranda has announced that he will be returning to the title role and bringing a production to Puerto Rico.

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Scarlett Johansson Assembles the Avengers (and Other Celebrity Friends) to Benefit Puerto Rico Disaster Relief

Imagine Captain America as the narrator of Our Town. It's kinda perfect, right? Well, I don't know if that's the role Chris Evans will be reading, but what I do know is that Scarlett Johansson is gathering her Avengers buddies, as well as some other celebrity friends, for a staged reading of Our Town, which will benefit Puerto Rico's disaster relief effort.

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Things We Saw Today: Uh Oh, Some Bad News About Santa Claus

I've got some good news/bad news about Santa Claus. The good news: he's real! The bad news: he's dead. Sorry, everybody.

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Dream Project: David Oyelowo Will Star in an Othello/Cyrano Mashup Musical From Moonlight Playwright

I honestly don't know how to process this description. There are just too many good things here.

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Hear the Opening Sonnet of Romeo and Juliet Performed in the Accent Most Used in Shakespeare’s Time

Ben Crystal, a British voice actor and artist, recently performed the opening sonnet of Romeo and Juliet with what is considered the closest approximation of what actors may have sounded like when Shakespeare was still alive.

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How I Set About Queering Jane Austen

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer people have always been kicking around society; it is inconceivable that Jane Austen would never have met one in her lifetime. And as she was a great observer of humanity it is almost as unlikely that she would never have included a queer person in her writing—whether or not she knew what made them act in such a way.

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The Twilight Zone Is Returning As a Stage Play Too

Rod Sterling's The Twilight Zone isn't just returning as an anthology-style movie. It was announced this morning that the iconic series is also receiving a stage adaptation.

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Let’s Talk About Andrew Garfield’s “I Am a Gay Man … Just Without the Physical Act” Comment

Andrew Garfield, of The Amazing Spider-Man and The Social Network fame, is currently trodding the boards at the National Theatre in London in a production of Tony Kushner's Angels in America, playing the iconic role of Prior Walter. In a recent National Theatre Platform Q & A about the play, Garfield was asked about how he prepared for the role, and his answers were...interesting.

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Jonathan Groff and Lin-Manuel Miranda Get the Romantic Duet They Deserve

For #Ham4All, former King George actor Jonathan Groff did a little duet with Lin-Manuel Miranda where he channels Renée Elise Goldsberry to do Angelica's part in "Satisfied."

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Julius Caesar Protestors Are Rushing the Stage While Others Attack the Wrong Shakespeare Companies

If these protestors don't want to think about the actual message of the play they're criticizing, is it really too much to ask that they at least know what theater they're sending their hate mail to?

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Julius Caesar Director Responds to the “Right-Wing Hate Machine” Criticizing His Trumpian Production

Earlier this week, the Public Theater's production of Julius Caesar came under fire for depicting the eventually-assassinated Caesar as a Trump-like figure. People not familiar with the play, who didn't see this production, and who thought Shakespeare (and therefore also the Public) was in any way promoting the idea of murdering political figures, were really upset.

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First Trailer for New TNT Show Will Gives Us “Shakespeare in Lust,” and We Are Here For It

Remember that show The Tudors, starring Jonathan Rhys-Myers, a pre-GoT Natalie Dormer, a pre-Orphan Black Maria Doyle Kennedy, and a pre-Man of Steel Henry Cavill? It wasn't historically accurate, nor was it a particularly serious show, but it was hella trashy, hella fun, and hella sexy. It looks like we're getting another historical drama set in England with similar attributes. This time, all about our favorite Bard.

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People Are Really Mad Over This Trump-Evoking Julius Caesar Because Apparently No One’s Ever Actually Read That Play

Yes, this is a very big deal.

This weekend, both Delta and Bank of America both withdrew their sponsorship from the Public Theater's famous Free Shakespeare in the Park program over a production of Julius Caesar. Their issue was with the depiction of the eventually-assassinated title role as a Trump-like figure.

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Upcoming Alanis Morissette Musical Is Her (and Our) “Musical Theatre Dream Come True”

The musical will be largely made up of songs from Jagged Little Pill, Morissette's iconic album from 1995 that changed the lives of '90s women and the meaning of the word irony forever.

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Harry Potter Fans Need to Go See Puffs, a Hilarious and Touching Ode to the Under-Appreciated Hogwarts House

Last week Kaila (a badge-carrying Slytherin) and I (a proud Hufflepuff) went to the Elecktra Theatre to see the Off-Broadway show Puffs, or: Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic & Magic. We all know Harry Potter, but what about the kids that sat next to him?

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Things We Saw Today: Pump Yourself up for Wonder Woman With This Sick Cello Version of Her DCU Theme

Cellist Tina Guo is not messing around. She damn near attacks her version of Wonder Woman's theme from Batman v Superman. With the premiere of her first cinematic solo outing in two weeks, it's time to start getting pumped, people. Blast this shizz everywhere, and get your tickets!

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Steve Bannon’s “Rap Musical” About the L.A. Riots Is Exactly as Weird as You’re Imagining

May we all have the confidence of Steve Bannon and the heart, mind, and talent of literally anyone else.

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Justin Trudeau Is Trolling the Trump Family With Theatre

"The world gets to see what it is to lean on each other and be there for each other through the darkest times." Hmmm... to what could he possibly be referring?

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Oscar Isaac and Keegan-Michael Key to Play Shakespeare Bros Hamlet and Horatio This Summer

Previews are set to start June 20th, and the play is set to run from July 13th to September 3rd, which Deadline notes is a long run for the Public.

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Leave It to Hamilton to Really Teach Us How to Say Goodbye to President Obama

One last time.

As we prepare ourselves to see the Obama administration leave office, let's watch the White House performance of the heartbreaking "One Last Time," in which George Washington asks Hamilton for his help in stepping down and saying goodbye.

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