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The Karate Kid

Bro, You Need to Move on. It’s Been 30 Years: Karate Kid Sequel Cobra Kai Announced

But isn't the fact that Johnny Lawrence still carries a grudge towards this high school incident kind of ... sad?

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The Karate Kid’s Billy Zabka Delivers Anti-Bullying Keynote

Sweep my heart.

Billy Zabka, whom you may know as Johnny Lawrence from The Karate Kid and evil blond jock from other various '80s films, recently went to a dojo in Clarysville Maryland to give a keynote talk on their second annual Anti-Bullying Day.

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Bottleneck Gallery Celebrates The Amazing Films Of 1984

It Belongs in a Museum!

Brooklyn's Bottleneck Gallery consistently puts on really great shows filled with pop-culture goodness. The latest, opening Friday, is titled "It Came From 1984." I never really kept track of the year movies came out but damn, 1984 was a gold mine!

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Jan von Holleben’s Photography Makes Kids Into Wizards, Pirates, Jedi, and Explorers… Can We Play Too?

Jan von Hollenben's photography, while painstakingly constructed with no Photoshop allowed, certainly seems worth the time. When do we get our turn?

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The Karate Kid That Could Have Been

So it turns out The Karate Kid director John Avildsen hung onto a lot of old rehearsal footage from the early days of filming the best coming-of-age martial arts film of all time. (Sorry, Surf Ninjas, but it's true.) Now, courtesy of Avildsen's YouTube channel, you can get a peek at more than an hour of behind-the-scenes, never meant for primetime Ralph Macchio goodness. The result is a treasure trove of shaky footage that puts most other special features to shame. Above, you can check out the early, raw version of the Cobra Kai assault that gets the film's narrative chugging along. In the interest of fair warning, the dialogue is more foul-mouthed than the final cut, and may be NSFW if your W is particularly uptight about that sort of thing.

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Funny or Die Gives the Original Karate Kid an Intervention

It's getting to the point where "interventions" of has-been film and TV stars are such a cliche that parodies of them have become cliche as well. However, perhaps because of residual hatred for the new Karate Kid remake, the new Funny or Die video featuring an intervention of the original Kid himself, Ralph Macchio, somehow ends up working big time. The video features the 80s star's family (including "actress who's been showing up everywhere recently," June Diane Raphael, as his wife) and "friends" gathering together to persuade him he needs to stop...being so nice. We then get treated to a series of hilarious visual gags including a shot of Macchio cutting a pile of coke into a smiley face.

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Why Remaking The Wizard of Oz Is a Really Bad Idea

Fresh on the heels of Alice in Wonderland's box office success, rumors are flying about not one, but two feature film remakes of The Wizard of Oz.  Now, there's more than one way to retell a story, and there are a few ways to redo Wizard that would probably work.  The odds of Hollywood actually finding those particular ways is unlikely.

More and more often these days, I find myself shouting at movie trailers and announcements: "WHY would you remake that?" Clash of the TitansThe Karate Kid? My Fair Lady?

I'd like to take some time and explain when a remake generally isn't a good idea, and when it generally is, and whether or not this means that The Wizard of Oz is something we should revisit.

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