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Funny or Die Gives the Original Karate Kid an Intervention

It’s getting to the point where “interventions” of has-been film and TV stars are such a cliche that parodies of them have become cliche as well. However, perhaps because of residual hatred for the new Karate Kid remake, the new Funny or Die video featuring an intervention of the original Kid himself, Ralph Macchio, somehow ends up working big time. The video features the 80s star’s family (including “actress who’s been showing up everywhere recently,” June Diane Raphael, as his wife) and “friends” gathering together to persuade him he needs to stop…being so nice. We then get treated to a series of hilarious visual gags including a shot of Macchio cutting a pile of coke into a smiley face.

Strangely enough, the video’s best feature may be its soundtrack which perfectly captures the sound of an awards-bait indie film. However, take my opinion with a grain of salt. I may just be predisposed to love anything that opens with an Explosions in the Sky song. With or without the soundtrack, it’s a safe bet that the following five minutes are more entertaining than anything in that upcoming piece of crap starring the Fresh Prince’s spawn and the star of Rush Hour 3.

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