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Listen To Theories on the Beginning of the Universe as Narrated by Gillian Anderson

If you've ever wanted to make your studies on the theories of how the universe formed more exciting, look no further. The BBC has teamed up with The X-Files star Gillian Anderson (along with several others) to create a series of videos explaining concepts and theories such as the Big Bang, William Paley's "Divine Watchmaker", Thomas Aquinas' "First Mover" and the Hindu creation story.

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Team That Announced Proof of Big Bang “Gravitational Waves” Says Maybe They Were Wrong

Maybe don't impatiently hold a press conference to announce your findings next time?

In what could turn into a textbook example of why scientists rely on peer review, the team that publicly announced they had discovered proof of gravitational waves echoing from The Big Bang admitted in their published results that the may have gotten it wrong -- and they're not the only ones who think so.

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The World Science Festival Continues Through the Weekend, Watch Today’s Events Live Right Here

Let science be your date tonight.

We're in the middle of the 2014 World Science Festival being held in Brooklyn, New York. If you can't make it, don't fret. They're streaming a number of the events live, and you can watch tonight's presentations, Designer Genes: Fashioning Our Biological Future and Ripples From the Big Bang, right here!

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Astrophysicists to Announce “Major Discovery” Today at 12PM EDT [Updated With Link to Livestream]

Aliens? Please let it be aliens.

Astrophysicists at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics are planning to unveil what they're calling a "major discovery" in a press conference at 12PM EDT today. Just what will that discovery be? We have no idea, so we decided to go the rational route and wildly speculate. Update:: It's not Aliens. It's even more exciting.

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A Brief Guide to the Beginning of the Universe [Video]

The Big Bang is pretty complicated stuff, especially if you're trying to explain it in less than four minutes. It happened billions of years ago, so there's no direct record of it. It created everything as far as we know, so we don't have any frame of reference for what came before it. And it rewrote the laws of physics as it happened, so even our best understanding of the phenomenon is necessarily inadequate. It's pretty daunting stuff, all things considered. That's why we're so glad that CERN physicist Tom Whyntie is on hand to offer the following excellent explanation of what we know and how we know it in the latest video offering from TED's education arm, TED-Ed.

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Kinetica Art Fair Full of Lights, Science

Looking for something to do this weekend? Near London? You might want to check out the Kinetica Art Fair, at the Kinetica Museum. Wired has a gallery featuring a number of the exhibits, which include an interactive fiber-optic flower, musical robots, and a playable musical installation using a the audio signal of the residual radiation from the Big Bang. The photo above is of Roseline de Thélin's beautiful installation, Homos Luminosos. Video of another exhibit after the jump.

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