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Arrow Whitewashes Another DC Comics Character, The Flash Heats Up With Firestorm


Yes, Warner Bros., Vinnie Jones is a very cool actor. But you didn't need to cast him in a role meant for a POC, did you?

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The Flash’s Professor Zoom Appears In Costume For The First Time In New Set Photos

"I don't know if yellow is a good look for you."

We already knew The Flash villain Professor Zoom was going to make his official appearance eventually but new photos from the set of The CW's The Flash reveal his supervillain duds.

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Hey, Did You Want More Villains In Gotham? Because This Trailer Has Like A Thousand More

Who are we missing, Calendar Man? Let's call up Calendar Man!

Gotham's only on its second episode tonight, but Fox just released a new season preview trailer for the show, and oh my infinite crisis are you guys seriously bringing in ALL OF THOSE VILLAINS this season? Major spoilers, and also some intangible and probably unjustifiable rage from yours truly.

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Dorkly Presents the 5 Most Embarrassing Supervillain Defeats

Thwarted again!

Listen, I know the name "Doctor Doom" is a lot to live up to, but if you can't handle a gang of squirrels it might be best to choose a less hyperbolic handle. Maybe Doctor Bumble? Doomy McGee?

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The Newest Trailer For The Flash Features A Not-So-Sunny Supervillain

You know how there haven't been folks with real superpowers on Arrow. Yeah, not gonna be like that on The Flash.

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Get Ready For Galactus Hitler: Artist Mashes Up Supervillains With Real Life Bad Guys

From the genius who gave us the combination of Tim Burton's and Chris Nolan's Batman films comes an interesting take on comic book supervillains. Digital artist Butcher Billy has redesigned some classic villains as some of the worst people in history. Osama Bin Goblin? Check. Charles Manson as the Joker? Yup. Galactus Hitler? Of course there's Galactus Hitler.

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24 Ways to Become a Superhero (or a Supervillain)

Philip Haragos breaks down superhero and supervillain origin stories in cute, compact form. Can you name them all? Fully sized below:

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