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Hey, Did You Want More Villains In Gotham? Because This Trailer Has Like A Thousand More

Who are we missing, Calendar Man? Let's call up Calendar Man!

Gotham’s only on its second episode tonight, but Fox just released a new season preview trailer for the show, and oh my infinite crisis are you guys seriously bringing in ALL OF THOSE VILLAINS this season? Major spoilers, and also some intangible and probably unjustifiable rage from yours truly.

Okay, have you guys watched the video? I don’t want to start raging until I’m sure we’re all on the same page here. Last chance to duck out.

Victor Zsasz?

Victor frakkin’ Zsasz?

Gotham, do we need to have a talk? Because you’ve already got Poison Ivy, Catwoman, the Penguin, the Riddler, all the crime bosses, and what looks like hints of Professor Pyg and Scarecrow in this trailer, too. Now you’re gonna start making a giant deal out of Zsasz? Jesus Christ in an armored Batmobile, not even the first Rocksteady Studios Batman game had this many villains in it. We are all suffering from Easter Egg fatigue over here, and your show has barely started yet.

I need a nap. Please wake me up if you think the Mad Hatter’s gonna show up to break out his dream machine or something, because knowing this show already, he’s probably thinking about it.

(via io9)

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