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New 2018 Emojis Will Include Superheroes and Villains

157 new emojis will be headed for smartphones in 2018. While redheads (and bald heads) will finally be getting some long-deserved representation, we’re most excited about being able to express our geekery in emoji form.

The Unicode Consortium, which decides on the emojis that come into being and sounds like a nerdy supervillain organization, has released a preview of what we can expect to see dotting our text messages in 2018.

Emojipedia's sample 2018 emojis

There are several that I am personally psyched about: a pirate flag, for all of my Black Sails needs; a bagel, which happens to be my favorite food; a mango, which will surely come to have some sort of sexual connotation and take up a prominent place in our cultural lexicon.

Superhero emojis

But for our purposes, we’re most thrilled to see a series of super-powered figures. Because of copyright, there’s no one here attached to an existing character, but rather an emoji person posed to either save the day or destroy the world. The emojis come in a variety of skin tones and gender variants.

I have to say I’m loving the Bride of Frankenstein hair on the lady villain above. Plus, there’s plenty of times a day I could use a “shaking your fist while delivering a monologue about your nefarious plans” image reaction. Couldn’t you?

Perhaps to use when constructing narratives in conjunction with the above, there’s also goggles and a lab coat and a test tube, a potentially evil microbe, a mosquito (for sure evil), a raccoon (for Rocket; also: pure evil), a newly bald man (Lex Luthor), and an infinity symbol so you can stop typing out “Infinity War” all the damn time.

These images are all samples, meaning that they could be altered somewhat by the time they hit your phone, but chances are you’ll be seeing these emojis released in 2018. Even cooler: the Unicode Consortium, which is comprised of major tech companies, is accepting applications for the next round of emoji consideration until March. This is your chance to be made immortal.

What are you happiest to see here? It’s the badger, isn’t it?

Peacock and Badger emojis

(via PC Mag, ABC, image: screengrab, Emojipedia)

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