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Here’s How Stranger Things Brought the Demogorgon to Life Because You Don’t Need Sleep in 2017

Now that we're inching closer to season two (an official return date still unknown), the team behind the show is giving you a closer look at what it takes to bring the monster to life.

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Rogue One Delivers a “Creature Featurette” Showing Off the Latest Of the Empire’s Amazing Aliens

After the CG-heavy prequel trilogy, the folks behind the Star Wars these days seem to want to get back to basics and get more hands-on with their sets and costumes. In The Force Awakens, director J.J. Abrams and his crew utilized a seamless blend of practical effects and CG effects to make the world of the film feel real. Now, in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, director Gareth Edwards and his team have created even more practical creatures to get to know, and they look amazing.

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens‘ Visual Effects Reel Shows Off How Often Practical Effects Got Used Instead

Star Wars: The Force Awakens made a point of using practical effects whenever possible, as this VFX reel from Industrial Light and Magic proves.

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Ghostbusters Reel Showcases the Power of Visual Effects

The coolest part are those visual effects that combine practical effects--like lighting, talented actors and even a drone or two--with the incorporation of some computer-generated ghost imagery to complete the finished product. While the reel itself is short (sorry, no Holtzmann fight footage), it's a reminder of all the work that goes into making the final spooky result.

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Mad Max: Fury Road Wins Historic at Makeup and Hairstylist Awards

What a lovely day!

Fury Road has won countless awards and been nominated for many more--at this year's Oscars, it'll be competing for wins in 10 categories--including Best Makeup and Hairstyling. That's where it dominated last night at the Makeup and Hairstylists Guild Awards, earning wins for best period and/or character makeup and best special makeup effects.

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This Force Awakens Special Effects Reel Features the Falcon, TIE Fighters… and BB-8

Maybe Neil deGrasse Tyson had a point? Or maybe not. Anyway, more BB-8.

Right up front, because I know you're wondering: yes, BB-8 is featured in this reel.

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Special FX Featurette Delves Into The Making of Jessica Jones

Shade FX also worked on Daredevil (for which they earned an Emmy nomination), and while they say that Jessica Jones relied less heavily on effects, those minor adjustments helped to make everything feel that much more grounded.

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VFX Artist Gives Daughter Superpowers in Sci-Fi Kid: Volume 1

Making our home videos look super boring.

VFX artist and director Kyle Roberts transforms his daughter into a superhero, cinematically shooting lazers, flying, and shooting off into space!

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Cats vs Zombies Is the Best Zombie Film in All of Forever

Give it all the Oscars.

Cats fight zombies to save the survivor kitten!

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Things We Saw Today: Suffragette Posters Are Defiant And Amazing

Happy Emmeline Pankhurst Day everyone!

In honor of Emmeline Pankhurst Day, Suffragette debuted these awesome posters of the actresses looking tough and defiant!

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Game of Thrones’ Dragons: My How They’ve Grown

I will take what is mine with fire and cranes.

Daenerys having three dragons is one of the main reasons I'm hooked on Game of Thrones so pardon me while I take a look back at their evolution while looking ahead to the BIG things to come from them in Season 5.

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The Mary Sue Interview: Game of Thrones Effects Supervisor and Alien Outpost Director Jabbar Raisani

Spoiler: We talk about dragons.

Even if you're not familiar with Jabbar Raisani's name yet, you probably already love some of his work. In his role as on-set visual effects supervisor for Game of Thrones, Raisani has helped craft much of the show's most iconic imagery; when not in Westeros, he also found time to direct his first feature, out this Friday from IFC.

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Visual Effects Breakdown For Days of Future Past Shows The Magic Behind Mystique

TL; DR: Sorcery.

In need of some mid-afternoon goosebumps? Academy-Award winning production studio Digital Domain has released a new video showing nine minutes of visual effects magic from Days of Future Past, and dang it's mindboggling.

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Female Special Effects Pioneers Share Stories From Star Wars, Back to the Future, and Beyond

she blinded me with science

In 1989, I was a young feminist who wanted to be a filmmaker. While there weren’t many women in this fairly “boys club” field, Academy Award winner Ed Jones hired me in Optical because he knew I could do the job. Approximately 25 people worked in the ILM optical department. The few women in this department - Peg Hunter, Lori Nelson, Mary Walter, and me - were effects pioneers in a male world. I called up these 'pioneer women' and asked them about their experiences in the ILM Optical Department.

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Special Effects Studio Mirada Shows Off Their Work on Pacific Rim

And I'll Form the Head!

The majority of Pacific Rim's illusions were created by Industrial Light & Magic, but not, notably the pre-credits portion of the film. The prologue, in which Raleigh narrates the first decade or two of the human/kaiju conflict, features lots and lots of kaiju, jaegers, and related destruction, no two of which could be the same, and all of which had to fit a standard of realism to be taken as news footage. Pretty impressive stuff. Previously in Pacific Rim

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What If The Terminator Films Are Actually What Causes Skynet To Become Self-Aware? [VIDEO]

It's Aliiiiiiiiiiiive!

That was the thought I had after watching this featurette from the Stan Winston School of Character Arts concerning Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines special effects. Granted, it may not be anyones' favorite Terminator film but it was the one where they showed everything going down for the first time. And now I can't help but wonder what would have happened if the Terminators kept being created for the films using practical effects rather than CGI. And then I wonder if the CGI technology is getting too advanced. And now I'm gonna go live in a Hobbit hole. Feel free to join me. Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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How Orphan Black Films Seven Characters With One Actress

Vital Information for Your Everyday Life

Turns out, they use two. Well, as well as a suite of digital trickery and the considerable talents and focus of Tatiana Maslany, and yeah, it's getting harder and harder to fathom why she wasn't nominated for an Emmy. Previously in Orphan Black

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Master Of Monster Motion, Ray Harryhausen, Passes Away At 92

so long and thanks for all the fish

An inspiration to millions - creator, storyteller, pioneer, Ray Harryhausen has passed away.

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Things We Saw Today: Game Of Thrones Dragons Get Revenge On The NY Times

Things We Saw Today

Surfing the web today you might have noticed HBO took out huge, site-spanning advertisements for Season 3 of Game of Thrones which featured the shadow of a dragon passing over the page. Well here's the still version of that from today's NY Times. (I'm gonna say it's revenge for this.)We sell ad space here on The Mary Sue but this is one I would have paid to have on the site. (via Co.Create

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Another Effects Reel From The Avengers Shows: Nothing is Real

Imagine What You'll Know Tomorrow

How can you even be certain that you're reading this post right now? How can I even be certain that I'm writing it? This is all your fault, The Avengers. (via HyperVocal.)

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