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Here’s How Stranger Things Brought the Demogorgon to Life Because You Don’t Need Sleep in 2017


For those who have seen Stranger Things, I don’t need to tell you how terrifying the Demogorgon is. The creature from the parallel dimension called the Upside Down sports a pretty gnarly face and is the being responsible for kidnapping various Hawkins residents in November of 1983. That hasn’t stopped Netflix from adding even more emotional scarring with the horrifying monster pie they tried to pass off as a holiday treat.

Now that we’re inching closer to season two (an official return date still unknown), Spectral Motion, the team behind the show’s special effects, is giving you a closer look at what it takes to bring the monster to life. According to SlashFilm, Mark Steger is the man in the suit aided by stilts, killer prosthetics and a little CGI. Photos from the Spectral Motion’s Facebook page reveal that it takes a small army to get him up to form as the scary thing lurking in darkness.


Strike a pose. Vogue!


“So how do we make him even more terrifying? Should we paint him orange and give him a bad haircut?”


Isn’t this how the Thriller dance starts?


This is how Captain America gets into his suit, isn’t it?

The special effects house also uploaded a super creepy video of an animatronic Demogorgon head going through a motion capture test, because who really needs sleep?

Obviously, the creature is more than a man in a suit. It’s a brilliant combination of practical and special effects, and now I have an even greater appreciation for it. Jurassic World, learn from this.

(via SlashFilm, image via Stranger Things/Facebook)

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