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Dads of the World Put to Shame by a Man Who Built a Custom Spaceship Playroom for His Kids

How much for an adult-size version?

DIY Dad Jeff Highsmith isn't fooling around when he builds his kids a playset. Not only did he go to the trouble of constructing a panel of working switches and lights in the spaceship he created for his children, but it all actually works, runs short simulations, and has remote-control robot arms. Anyone happen to know if he's looking to adopt a 30-year-old?

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To Pilot A Thought-Controlled Spaceship, Two Heads Are Better Than One

While it may disappoint many of us, it will surprise no one that steering a spaceship is complicated business. So it stands to follow that steering a spaceship using only your brain is even more complicated. A collaborative study by NASA and the University of Essex shows that the difficulties of piloting a virtual spaceship through a brain/computer interface can be eased by introducing a co-pilot -- and performing what amounts to a mind-meld between both operators.

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A Pictorial Review of SpaceX's Eight Dragon Spaceships

Last week, SpaceX gave us a look at the upcoming mission to the International Space Station -- the first of its kind for a privately operated company. The company is aiming to make history with its Dragon spacecraft, pictured right, due to lift off for the ISS this November. Just a few days afterward, the SpaceX twitter did a rundown of the eight Dragon capsules in existence. It's a fascinating look at how far the company has come, and a glimpse at SpaceX's near-term plans. Read on below for the past and future history of what  is looking like the next step for human spaceflight.

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A Closer Look at NASA’s Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle [Infographic]

Unless you've been patiently following the ups and downs of NASA's now aborted Constellation program, the announcement yesterday of the Orion-derived Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle (MPCV) may have seemed a touch confusing. If you're unfamiliar with the program, or (like me) love drooling over NASA imagery, has put together a comprehensive inforgraphic showing off the new ship and its configurations. Particularly interesting is a comparative view, showing how the MPCV stacks up against orbiters from around the world and the venerable Space Shuttle. Read on after the break to see the entire image, in all its glory.

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My Other Ride is the NAUTILUS-X Spaceship

While NASA struggles to define its new role in the wake of Constellation's cancellation and the impending retirement of the Space Shuttle fleet, some of its engineers are refusing to sit idly by. Mark Holderman and Edward Henderson, both engineers at the Johnson Spaceflight Center, have designed the Non-Atmospheric Universal Transport Intended for Lengthy United States X-ploration Multi-Mission Space Exploration Vehicle, or NAUTILUS-X. For a paltry $3.7 billion and 64 months of work, this craft could take us to the Moon, Mars, or any mission within 24 months of flight time.

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