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Come Synth Like A Space Viking With The Techno-Epic Thor: Ragnarok Soundtrack

Marvel and Disney have uploaded composer Mark Mothersbaugh's Thor: Ragnarok soundtrack, which features "retro synths" and "vintage keyboards," to Spotify and iTunes.

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You Can Stream the Steven Universe Soundtrack Right Now!

Steven Universe Soundtrack: Vol. 1, which includes all of the songs from the start of the series through episode 120, is now available on streaming services and digital platforms.

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Welcome to the Jam: Space Jam Soundtrack Returning to Vinyl for Record Store Day

I'm just excited that the Space Jam vinyl will be re-issued just for this year's record store day (April 22nd).

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The Luke Cage Musical Score Is (Finally) Available for Download–And on Vinyl, Too (!!!)

The Luke Cage soundtrack is huge. As in, 82 songs. And now you can finally listen to all of them online!

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18 of the Most Beautiful Pieces of Music From Movies, TV, and Games

I've covered other types of soundtracks and scores from heroes to villains and back again, but what I haven't written about yet are the beautiful tracks—the gorgeous ones and the haunting melodies that embed themselves in your brain and become a part of the character and experience for you. I'm a huge fan of soundtracks for movies, TV, and video games, and my favorites are about as eclectic and weird as I am, so be prepared (like a lion telling some hyenas how it's going to be).

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After Batman v Superman, Hans Zimmer No Longer Plans to Compose Superhero Music

The next time someone tries to convince Hans Zimmer to write music for a superhero movie, the composer plans to pass up the opportunity.

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The Trailer Music From Star Wars: The Force Awakens Makes Masters of the Universe Seem … Good

The music used in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer sounds so beautiful that it could improve almost anything -- even Masters of the Universe, the so-bad-it's-good He-Man movie adaptation that came out in 1987.

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Lincoln Center Is Screening the Entire Lord of the Rings Trilogy With a Live Orchestra Doing the Music

Gandalf take the wheel!

New Yorkers, be prepared to be sad that you don't have more money. Non-New Yorkers, prepare to be sad you don't live in New York. Lincoln Center is hosting what very well may be the best Lord of the Rings screenings of all time.

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Record Company Giving Away Free Autographed Copies of The World’s End Soundtrack on Facebook

Who doesn't love free stuff?

Boy, are we excited for The World's End to premiere in the USA tomorrow. You know what else we're really excited about? Getting our hands on the soundtrack, which you know is going to be full of some seriously awesome '90s Britpop. Luckily ABKCO Records is pretty pumped about it, too, and want to give out a bunch of copies for free.

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Legend of Korra Soundtrack Gets Release Date, Now You Can Pretend to Be an Waterbender All the Time

But when's Book 2 coming out? I need to know. For reasons.

After years of fighting tooth and nail to get an Avatar-related soundtrack onto the market, franchise creator Bryan Konietzo has announced the release of The Legend of Korra: Original Music From Book One, a soundtrack featuring the work of series composer Jeremy Zuckerman. Whee! It might not be the music from the original Avatar: The Last Airbender series, but at least all our online petitions and crazed fan shenanigans -- fananigans? -- counted for something. Now we're at least that much closer to a good quality recording of "Secret Tunnel."

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Ubisoft Offering Beyond Good & Evil Soundtrack for Free

Beyond Good & Evil is both a triumph and tragedy. Most people who have ever played the game will tell you how absolutely fantastic it is, how much they want a sequel, and how much of a shame it is that it was such a monetary failure they bought it from GameStop for $9 new. With the game's recent release with an HD overhaul, maybe more people can at least attest to the former two sentiments regarding the game's stellar quality. If Ubisoft giving us another chance to play BG&E--and in HD--wasn't totally incredible, the fact that we can now download its great soundtrack for free should at least add to some of the incredibleness. Go forth, readers, shout "Carlson and Peeters" on the top of your lungs, give the soundtrack a listen, and maybe you'll also have "Propaganda" stuck in your head as much as I do. Make sure to thank Ubisoft by telling everyone how great Beyond Good & Evil is.

(SlickDeals via Joystiq)

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