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The Soundtrack for Barbie is All Over The Place

Barbie (Margot Robbie) dances and grins.

Barbie. Everyone’s talking about her. She’s the moment, and she sure knows how to capitalize on it. Not only have we gotten an absolutely delightful press op with Margot Robbie, we also got a new, fuller trailer for her movie this morning.

But you know what I’m personally clued into? What I’m both bewildered and delighted by? The soundtrack:

Okay. Hm. Okay. A choice lineup. It seems as though they were both capitalizing on pop culture “moments,” going with safe industry choices, and trying to amp up some newer, younger talents. And Ryan Gosling, of course, because it’d be a waste of a movie if our boy didn’t get a chance to flex his pipes. All in all, a chaotic lineup, to be sure.

Many people were upset that Aqua—who penned the famous “Barbie Girl” song—isn’t on this lineup, but it appears the song has been remixed by Nicki Minaj and can be heard briefly at the end of the new trailer.

Most of the artists are somewhere in the pop & hip-hop realm, which makes sense considering Barbie is shaping out to be a love letter to pop culture, modern and vintage. This makes it even funnier to me that they included the likes of Tame Impala, who yes, have gotten a lot of attention thanks to TikTok, but who are still, for all intents and purposes, indie/alternative rock.

I, personally, am most excited to see Dominic Fike on this list, but again, funny choice. He does have a new album coming out, he was in Euphoria‘s second season, and he will be in the upcoming A24 film Earth Mama (which looks really good). But a lot of other musicians with acting chops have new material coming out soon, too. Am I happy they picked him? Yeah, duh! I guess my main bewilderment stems from how eclectic this lineup is.

But you know what? Like a good collection of Barbies in one’s toy-bin, it’s fitting that the soundtrack for this movie will similarly be all mixed up. I’m looking forward to hearing it in action. And if you want to hear it in the comfort of your own home, gird your loins, because they have 8 vinyl variations on sale for ya:

(featured image: Warner Bros.)

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