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Things We Saw Today: This 8-Year-Old Girl Skateboarding in the Vans US Open Pro Series

Sky Brown is only 8 years old and she's already a pro skateboarder. This summer, she was the youngest girl to compete in the Vans US Open Pro Series.

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Things We Saw Today: Aladdin & Jasmine Riding a Skateboard—Err, Magic Carpet—Through San Francisco

PrankvsPrank's Jesse Wellens and cosplayer Jessica Shanholtz did their best Aladdin and Jasmine while riding through San Francisco on this magic carpet -- probably a boosted board, not to ruin the illusion or anything.

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Things We Saw Today: Darth Vader Kill Count

Lest you had any doubt that Darth Vader is an evil dude, Mr. Sunday Movies provides a Darth Vader Kill Count to tally up all of those who died directly by his hand. What's kinda surprising, though, is that he's been killing since he was a little kid, and that he apparently killed more people as Anakin than he did as Darth Vader.

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The Lexus Hoverboard Is Real

Okay, so where's the Lexus Jetpack?

The Lexus hoverboard, powered by "superconducting magnetic levitation," looks like a skateboard powered by a dry ice machine. It can hover 3-4 inches above the ground, or lower depending upon the weight of its rider.

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Monday Cute: Australia Is So Chill That Even Their Cats Skateboard

That's not a skateboard. This is a skateboard.

Eat your heart out, Meatcat.

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Six Year Old Girls on Their Own Skate Team Are Cooler Than You


Relz Murphy, Sierra Kerr and Bella Kenworthy are skating up a storm as the Pink Helmet Posse, and don't ever tell them that girls can't skate. The girls even have a website with skating tutorials, and their own line of boards for girls. Kerr and Kenworthy are the kids of skating professionals, while Murphy was enrolled with her siblings in skateboarding school by her parents. "Watching your 6-year-old daughter hit tile in a 13-foot bowl, that is pretty cool," says her dad, "but watching her confidence grow—not just with skating, but in life—that’s even better. If that’s all she ever gets out of skating then we’ve succeeded."

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Skateboarding School for Dogs Now a Thing That Exists

Disney, if you don't have a gritty reboot of Air Bud already in the works, now is the time to get that going.

Because we live in a world that is more surreal than anything anyone could make up, the city of Lima, Peru is now home to the world's first (so far as we know and dearly hope) skateboarding school for bulldogs. As a frankly surprising number of YouTube videos will attest, English bulldogs are natural skateboarders. Believing it would be a shame to let the animal's abilities go to waste, Ivan Juscamaita, who owns the skateboarding bulldog Biuf, has started teaching classes each Saturday in a Lima park that can have participants pups gleaming the cube in no time. While the classes are currently impromptu efforts, Jusacamaita hopes to one day open a legitimate training academy for skateboarding dogs. In the meantime, we'll just keep enjoying the last few precious months that "sit," "stay," and "fetch" remain sort of impressive canine feats.

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Afghanistan’s First Co-ed Skateboarding School [VIDEO]

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Skateistan was created by Australian skateboarder Oliver Percovich a few years ago after children on the streets of Kabul, Afghanistan saw him using his board. And with that, skateboarding hit Afghanistan. But it didn't end there. "Skateistan's development aid programs work with growing numbers of marginalized youth through skateboarding, and provide them with new opportunities in cross-cultural interaction, education, and personal empowerment programs," explains their website. "In Kabul, Skateistan's participants come from all of Afghanistan’s diverse ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds, and include 40% female students, hundreds of streetworking children, and youth with disabilities. In our skatepark and classrooms they develop skills in skateboarding, leadership, civic responsibility, multimedia, and creative arts, exploring topics such as environmental health, culture/traditions, natural resources, and peace." Take a look at this short video they put together then watch this short film for more information. (Upworthy via Kate Kotler) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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Skateboard Tricks at 1,000 Frames Per Second Are Amazing [Video]

Skateboarding is a complicated act. I long ago accepted this and also that I would never be any good at it. Thank goodness for other people that know how to do things I don't. Adam Shomsky happened to record a series of uncommon skateboarding tricks on a Redlake N3 high-speed camera then slowed the motion down and set it to an apt soundtrack to provide what is potentially one of the best skateboarding videos I've ever seen. They might not be the most impressive tricks, sure, but the video makes it look like magic.

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12-Year-Old Lands World’s First 1080 on a Skateboard [Video]

If you think you're a very accomplished person, ask yourself, have you set a world record in something resembling a sport? Have you set a world record in anything? Did you do it before you were 13 years old? Well, 12-year-old Tom Schaar performed the first ever successful 1080 on a skateboard. He landed the feat, which consists of three full spins in the air while on a skateboard before it hits a surface, on the MegaRamp at Woodward West action sports camp. His father, Nick Schaar, said after warming up with a host of other maneuvers, Tom successfully pulled off the 1080 on only his fifth try.

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They Skateboard on Dogs, Don’t They? [Video]

I don't know how Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert made this -- they assure us that there was no animal cruelty involved -- but this is some mighty impressive filmwork. Someone needs to make this into a Tony Hawk mod, stat. They still make Tony Hawk games, right? (via Coudal Partners | Artists' page)

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Dogboarding: Let’s Shred, Puppies [Video]

Don't Try This At Home

Sometimes people get bored just walking their dog. And sometimes, people imagine turning their dog into a skateboard. But that would be terrible. So through the magic of visual effects, the Daniels turn some willing canine participants into skateboards. This is like an awesome, chilled out companion to Laser Cats! (And all of it is obviously cruelty-free!) (Motionographer)

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This Is A Picture of Katharine Hepburn On A Skateboard

And All Was Right With the World

This would have been the raddest Trapper Keeper cover in the history of the universe. We love you Kate. Spencer and Katharine is my OTP. (via Flavorwire.)

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